7 reasons you should shop local!

Here at JoanneDewberry.co.uk we have been producing a Be Vocal Shop local Flyer for a year now our 4th is currently about to be distributed in 5,000 homes in Dorset. Supporting your local economy is vital so here are some reasons why you should be shopping locally!

Support local business

  1. The personal touch, stock individual and sometimes unique items. Customers become friends and the community spirit thrives in the little high streets. Lauren from Create It All
  2. Local retailers and small businesses tend to be in the community most of the major supermarkets and shopping centres tend to be out of town meaning you have to drive/travel. Supporting your local butcher, greengrocer, convenience store will reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. What your customers want and being able to buy in products/offer services etc. that you know they will love gives tremendous satisfaction to you as a business owner but loyalty from your customers. Heather from HeatherMartyn.co.uk
  4. Small local businesses care for, employ, benefit and invest in the people of their local areaSam from Domestic Angels
  5. There is an amazing sense of community among local businesses. I know several local businesses with regular customers who come in for a chat as often as to buy something – you don’t find that with a massive multinational.  Vicky from Single Mothers Ahoy!
  6. Most small businesses are run by individuals and families meaning that as a consumer/client you are supporting a local family to live – not chipping into the profits of huge multinational chains.
  7. To have an item made for you is a very personal thing which can be passed down to future generations. In a caring society people thrive and tend to be happier.  Facebook.com/KatherinesPaintings

What reasons would you add to my list of why you would shop locally?

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