5 Minute Home Office Make : Sides to a shelving unit

I don’t know about you but I’m fickle. Oh yes I am. I fall in and out of love with things so easily and my office is one of them. My home office is very Harry Potter being under the stairs at the bottom of small hallway. We have recently been making this space not only look better but work better too slimlining the shoes and coat area.  I painted the wall a gorgeous rich blue from the Valspar Bookcase range (it’s called Merlin) which worked perfectly to finally get some of our Harry Potter paraphernalia in frames and on display. Daddy Moo built a radiator cover from a recycled pallet which I am totally in love with and have hinted we NEED one in our bedroom.  I’m so pleased with how it’s starting to look but it made me realise my office isn’t looking great.

My problem is I’m messy. Yes I’m messy! I try to tell myself it helps with my creative flow but I write enough about productivity to know that a tidy desk is what I need.  One of my main issues is storage. I have lots I just don’t think it’s working for me. I’ve not really got the time at the moment so I needed a temporary solution.  Now we bloggers acquire a lot of packaging! Oh yes we do! Last month Olive’s class were doing a memory box exercise, I have a few empty boxes I said. 6! 6 shoe box sized boxes! We have an abundance of big boxes which are great for rainy days. Olive makes them into cars, boats, dens etc. Charlie got in one at the weekend made a small hole and then shot people with a nerf gun as they went passed!

I digress as I did say this was a 5 minute office make! Which it was (kinda!). So basically this unit is great BUT I hate seeing the contents as I walk in the door. *sigh*

5 minute make ugly shelves

So using one of the many boxes we home I cut it into 3 pieces that slot over the gap. I then sprayed the cardboard with silver spray paint from my art supplies (because everyone has silver spray as an art staple!)  It’s best to use the spray outside as a) it’s messy and b) it’s smelly! I left them to dry for about an hour outside but the cold weather meant they still felt a bit damp. After an hour indoors they were dry and perfect. (Of course during the drying time I productively wrote this post and did not procrastinate on Facebook. Well maybe a little!)

spraying cardboard sides 5 minute make

This is just a temporary fix. I may need to accept the fact this shelf doesn’t suit my needs and buy something with sides but for now it is a vast improvement.

finished 5 minute make

Of course I should really clear the top and make it look more Instagram friendly and maybe hide the electric board!

Harry Potter wall display

Excuse the poor lighting and the Harry Potter Wall isn’t finished yet. Still, lots to put up! But I’m pleased with the progress.

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