Nurturing a follow on sales relationship

I’ve talked before about visual merchandising, branding and selling at craft fairs but one thing I’ve not touched on is how to secure repeat sales.  When you sell a piece of handmade wares you must have a plan of how this customer (or the recipient) will get back to you.  For example a Charlie Moo’s fabric party bag will be handed out at a party meaning that the recipient (or mum of) won’t know where it came from.  Here is how I ensure they are well branded. Firstly I tie swing tags on them made from business cards – these however might get removed by the party host. I sew inside a label ( ) I buy these online and they aren’t expensive but are less likely to be removed by the host. But if you don’t like sewing you could invest in branded vinyl logo stickers instead.  I also for good measure chuck a handful of business cards/flyers in with the order – however, I am aware these can easily be lost or chucked away.nurturing a follow on sales relationship

Here are a few bullet point tips I hope you find handy for nurturing your follow on sales relationship.

  • Business card, flyers or a “Thank you for your purchase” card are useful. Although they do have a tendency to get lost, crumpled, drinks spilt on them etc … so in my opinion get these printed as cheap as you can and just get rid! The more people who have seen one the better!
  • If you sell cards or prints make sure your business name and/or website address is printed on the back of the card. Stickers on the cellophane will just get thrown away.
  • For framed images have some stickers printed that you can pop on the back with your business name and/or website address any useful contact information.
  • For jewellery look at having printed boxes with your business name on. This way even if it is given as a gift the receiver still has an idea where it came from.
  • Have some call to action on your display table, a way of capturing data.  It can feel a bit odd and maybe out of your comfort zone to ask people to sign up to your newsletter or join your mailing list so why not encourage them to join you on social media? Like you on Facebook, Follow you on Twitter or Instagram?
  • Give them a reason to come back. Loyalty cards or discount vouchers/codes are a great way to entice someone who might regret not making that purchase to do so once they get home.

Crafters are great at the making but not always so great on the selling. If you have any tips to nurturing a follow on sales relationship leave a comment below.

crafting a successful small business

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