Attending Craft Fairs for the First Time

Well done you! You’ve got your product, business cards and a tablecloth to set up your first display at a craft show. You are taking the plunge and going to sell all your wonderful things – but what kind of craft fair to try first? Local? National? Big? Small? Tea Rooms?


If you are just starting out, the answer is smaller craft fairs. A small local fair with less pressure will give you the opportunity to iron out any practical problems you encounter such as travelling to venue, amount of stock and how much ‘stuff’ you can carry. It will also give you an idea of stall fees and which crafts sell. Smaller craft fairs are not very long, usually 6 hours. It will give you an opportunity to network and find out about suitable larger craft shows. Also, meeting other crafters will give you an idea of the types of craft fairs you want to attend.

Once you have mastered the art of the local-craft-fair, try your hand at the larger fairs! A larger craft fair can last between 8 to 12 hours. They are exciting, vibrant and often located in more central areas. Depending on where you live, prepare to fork out for a long drive and accommodation. The footfall will be greater than a smaller fair and the people you meet – customers, fellow crafters, members from the media, will be inspirational for idea swapping.
BloggersEveTableDon’t forget all decent craft fairs require public liability insurance. I can’t stress this enough. I don’t believe in investing lots of money when first starting up, but product & public liability insurance is a must – it will protect you.

And lastly, don’t forget your chair, flask and enthusiasm!

If you have what it takes to sell at craft fairs, then try the next step of selling on-line!

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