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The first business trip can be a little daunting, with the responsibilities of representing the brand and speaking for the company falling on your shoulders in a new location after prolonged travel. If you don’t want to ask management for advice, in fear of looking unprepared, here are a few of the most common questions and concerns, answered.

How do I get over jet lag?

Unlike a holiday where you can set aside the first day for recovery and relaxation by the pool to ‘adjust’, business trips are often subjected to tight schedules – giving you little time after stepping off the plane to recuperate and attend meetings, presentations, seminars and more. Here are a few tips to help ensure jet lag does not take hold.

  • Slowly adapt your sleeping pattern to the hours of your destination for the week preceding the trip.
  • Adapt meal times to that of your destination.
  • Avoid alcohol the day before and the day of travel.
  • Drink plenty of water during the travel day – hydration is key.
  • Get outside – your body clock reacts to the light of the sun, helping it adjust to a new time zone.

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Where can I find WiFi?

Whether you are expecting an important email or want to keep up to date with the latest news upon arrival in a new country – finding a free or inexpensive WiFi connection will be one of your first concerns. The Global Roaming tool can help you find your closest connection throughout the world.

How do I keep in touch with the kids?

After finding the WiFi hotspot, there are a number of apps which can help you keep in touch with the kids. Skype and FaceTime make it easier for you to video call the family for free. Just make sure you check the time back home before calling, especially if you have young children. The World Clock can help you find the time back home quickly and simply.

I travel a lot with Business, how can I save money?

Frequent business travellers can benefit from a series of loyalty schemes which offer rewards for every aspect of business travel.

PartnerPlusBenefit – The business flight initiative from Lufthansa rewards frequent flyers with the German airline and nine other major airlines – Air Canada, ANA, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, LOT, SWISS, TAP and United Airlines. Building points with the scheme can generate free flights, hotel stays, transfers, chauffeur services and more – creating a more comfortable and fruitful business trip.

Hilton Hhonors – Get free stays, room upgrades and additional services when staying in Hilton hotels with the Hilton Hhonors initiative. With hotels in just about every major city in every country in the world – you’ll never be far from a Hilton hotel.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards – The car rental company, Hertz, will treat you to upgrades when you join the Gold Plus Rewards scheme – helping you travel in increased comfort as you swap a small, cramped vehicle for a larger, more luxurious model.

Where should I take business colleagues?

If you are travelling to a new city and want to impress colleagues and potential customers – picking the right destination for a meeting or an evening meal is vital. Using TripAdvisor as a reference for great cafes, restaurants and bars can help ensure you pick somewhere with the desired atmosphere.

How do I avoid a backlog of work?

The dreaded email inbox, untouched during trips, can haunt even the most experienced business travellers. Use a service such as Mail2Web to stay on top of emails and remain in constant correspondence with the office even whilst you are away – meaning the return day runs smoothly.


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