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A few weeks back I had the please of working at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in the PR & Marketing department.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Social media for events is far more of a customer service role than social media which main aim is to sell products.  I learn’t a lot about how other businesses utilise social media. I’ve always been aware and expressed how it’s not a one size fits all scenario so it was really interesting to see social media being used in a different format to how possibly I’d have approached it.   One thing I really enjoyed was the Rural Crafts Tent.

Photo Credit | SKC Photography

Photo Credit | SKC Photography

As a craft based business you can’t sit in a tent for 5 days without a) going a bit stir crazy and b) loosing a great deal of stock making hours.  It was so refreshing to see handmade goods being created on site alongside the finished articles.  This also meant a few were able to offer personalisation and bespoke pieces, which is amazing for parents who call their children unusual names like, say Olive!

Being able to make your handmade goods on site enables you to develop a relationship with potential customers.  We are inquisitive folk and are more likely to ask lots of questions and appreciate the effort and time that goes into making products if we are able to see this. Making your handmade goods on site not only adds value but is super visual merchandising which potential customers are unlikely to forget.


If you are planning to take you crafted based business out and about to craft fairs and make on site then there are a few things to consider :

  • What do you need to take and is it practical?
  • Will you need a power supply? Is this provided by the events team or will you need a portable generator?
  • Are you putting others at risk?
  • Does your insurance cover you for making handmade goods outside of your business premises?
  • Do you need to be in a well ventilated area?
  • Always check with the organisers as they may need to check with the venue, their insurance and other stall holders.

Do you have any other tips for taking your handmade goods to make at craft fairs?  I’d love to hear them so why not send me a tweet @CharlieMoos

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Photo Credit | SKC Photography

Photo Credit | SKC Photography

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Photo Credit | SKC Photography

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