How to get a job with no experience?

This day and age it appears that experience can be as important or (in some cases) more important than qualifications, which can bring new job hunters out in a sweat.

So what can you do when experience isn’t on your side and your job search has taken a turn for the worst? Take some advice from our team of leading recruiters here at Pertemps.

Conduct Industry Research:
Regardless of what industry you wish to work in there is always research you can do around the role you want. Conducting research into your area shows your passion and you can include your findings when writing your cover letters, or for use within your interview (fingers crossed!).

Recognise Your Weaknesses:
Employers may not find the fact you have limited experience an issue if you also recognise this – don’t brush it under the carpet. Ensure you address where you feel you lack knowledge (for example, managing a team), and how you’ll strive to learn and make it a benefit to your employer.

Photo Credit | ShutterStock

Photo Credit | ShutterStock

Make your Application Stand Out
If you have decided that you want apply for a role (and so you should) do something a little different with your application. Remember that recruiters and companies alike will sift through dozens or maybe hundreds of CVs, so it’s important to stand out.

There are many different ways to do this, and here are some great examples provided by The Guardian with formats for different roles.

Try and Meet Face to Face
Your CV, cover letter and application can only go so far, so try and get a meeting with someone senior within the organisation you’re interested in applying to. This doesn’t have to be an interview, just a simple informal ‘meet and greet’ can do wonders for putting you on their radar.

Keep Persevering
There are so many industries out there that are crying out for talented people who may not have experience but have a desire to learn. Start-up businesses are a good place to try, but don’t be put off by big agencies and look whether there are internships and volunteer positions available.

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