Life Is Better When You Dance #BacktoBloch

Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of vision boards and Megan is a huge fan of art, making creating a Vision Board one of her favourite activities.  In 2019 she carefully selected images featuring ballet, food and travel, at the time she was obsessed with Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield and was insistent one day she would travel to Russia to join Bolshoi Ballet and be world famous. This month instead of starting traditional Upper School Megan started Stage and Screen Academy – where she dances nearly every day and is loving every moment working towards her dreams.

megan vision board

Dance Is The Expression Of The Soul:

I’ll never forget her first lesson aged 3, she was so excited in a big pink tutu she insisted on wearing, barefoot and smiling. All her dreams had come true after months of asking for dance lessons, she was finally old enough and the new term had started. After that lesson, her teacher described her as “an enthusiastic elephant” and I remember thinking to myself well she’s halfway there! If she can channel her love and passion into skill anything can happen.

And here we are now. Starting Upper School is scary enough, but starting a new school without your friends (some who have been alongside you since reception aged 4) and getting the school bus for the first time ever is terrifying. However, with the aid of BLOCH, who gifted Megan all the dancewear she needed to succeed in comfort and style her first day was a hit! For many, many years ballet has been Megan’s main love however upon starting LeAF Stage and Screen Acadamy she has developed a flair for dramatics (who knew? Me! I knew blimming drama queen!).  The BLOCH Arrondi Ankle Leggings are not only super comfy, stretchy and of lovely quality (which wash beautifully too) they are perfect for both dance and academic lessons making them the ideal versatile garment for any dancer.

Like most things to do with dance, BLOCH is steeped in history. The first pair of BLOCH ballet shoes were crafted in a candlelit workshop in Paddington, Sydney in 1932. Bit of a mum thing comment but I really love that these ballet shoes have a double criss-cross elastic strap, they nestle their feet so much better and are more supportive than a single elastic and they are made with the yummiest softest leather. Of course, getting a photo of a grotty teen is much harder than when they are little!

Megan was gifted items from BLOCH to help her through the next term dancing. Words and thoughts are mine and mine alone.

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