Reclaiming My Home Office In One Day

Working from home and homeschooling has turned my office into one massive dumping ground/den for Olive (I kid you not!) and quite frankly after 50 billion days I’m ready to clear the clutter. I know I say this all the time but and then let my office get into a mess AGAIN but I’m only human!
home office in a mess including den made of fabric sheet

Reclaiming My Home Office in A Day : 

  1. Tidy-up: First thing is first, grab a binbag and start clearing up!
    • Books: Megan and Olive had a clearout of books which ended up piled in my office. After sending the accepted ones to We Buy Books and offering any businesses ones to my small business friends the girls made a sign and honesty box and put a trailer outside our front garden.  Sold the lot in a day.  photo of a cart filled with books for sale reclaiming my home office
    • Paperwork: Had a great session with my shredder! Filed and sorted out all the paper, glued the mountain of pictures/maths sheets into Olive’s home learning journal.
    • Clean: A good wipe down of all the surfaces and a hoover makes such a big difference.
  2. Self-storage: Space is a huge cost to any small business whether you work from home or based in premises of some kind, we amass a huge amount of “things”. Now Storage provides flexible and cost effective self-storage for a whole range of needs. You could store seasonal stock, tools, machinery, equipment even vehicles. For me paper documents take up a lot of my space (as much as I try to go paperless) storing documents can allow you to utilise your space more efficiently. We can offer insurance on your unit contents. Our storage sites are monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV cameras and as the sole key holder, you will have free unlimited access to your padlocked business unit 7 days a week.
  3. Utilise Wall Space: As much stuff as you can get off your desk and floor the better utilise the save under the ceiling by putting up high shelves, use noticeboards, clipboard etc to hang off the walls to minimise you putting trays or storage boxes on your desk. Utilising the walls also means you have no escape form things they become a visual cue, every time I walk in mine I’m greeted by my Vision Board and by the power of osmosis I absorb all my goals.
  4. Invest in a Standing Desk: The health benefits of a standing desk are epic, but also hey with a desk topper like mine you have very little space for “things”.

standing desk

I know, I know, when my home office is clean, tidy and functioning, I work better. My productivity increases and so does my happiness! So why oh why do I let it get into such a mess?
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