Best Ideas for Your Bedroom

With 2022 not so far away, it’s time to look towards the trends in bedroom design that will thrive next year. 2021 went big on nature, minimalism and statement walls, while 2020 was the year of luxe and hushed palettes.

2022 is likely to be more colourful and introduce newfound functionality to bedrooms, with the work-from-home trend likely to inspire decisions.

Here are the best 2022 bedroom design trend ideas for your bedroom:

Multi-function Furniture:

Sometimes, less is more in interior design, such as one large piece of furniture doing the job of three smaller pieces of furniture.

We have seen a trend of minimalism that uses multi-function furniture to save space and refocus environments. Notably, high sleeper kids beds are a prime example of this concept, offering more than just a place to sleep. This trend resonates with the shifting needs of modern households, where functionality and efficiency are valued as much as aesthetics. For example, dressing tables that work as a computer desks and buffets that serve as storage for games work exceptionally well.

The best use of multi-function furniture in bedrooms is the TV bed, which stores the TV out of sight and serves as a TV stand with remote control. Sweet Dreams Image Chic 4FT 6 Double TV Bed

‘90s Urban: 

While the ’80s enjoyed a great deal of retro appreciation in 2021, the ‘90s went largely unloved. We think this will end in 2022 as people embrace a more creative look inspired by music, street art and colourful symphonies.

The ‘90s were synonymous with an eclectic urban style, with hip-hop and street art culture finding its way into interior design. This urban style was balanced with greys and beiges, creating pops of colour against refined backdrops.

You can embrace ‘90s urban style in your bedroom with layered greys, neon lights, abstract patterns and colourful furniture.  Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood

‘70s Retro:

Another decade that will see a resurgence in 2022 is the ‘70s, with yellow and brown colours, cream walls, crushed velvet headboards, geometric patterns, wood chip ceilings and velvet sofas and chairs in vogue. 

You can embrace ‘70s retro style in your bedroom by decorating walls in brown and crème and peppering in orange and mustard yellow furniture. 

Beds in the ‘70s were made from dark wood with floral bedding, and they had little in the way of decoration. We recommend a medium natural wood like oak because this will give your ‘70s makeover a modern twist.

Bed Frames With Storage:  

As people look to make better use of space in bedrooms in 2022, bed frames will play a crucial role in providing storage solutions. 

Bed frames with storage include ottoman beds with a lift-up base and bed frames with in-built drawers at the sides or foot of the bed. 

Bed frames take up more floor space than any other furniture, so they have many untapped potentials. Ottoman beds offer more space overall, but drawers make more sense if you store many different things. Birlea Berlin Fabric Ottoman Bed - Crushed Velvet Steel, Available from Bedstar

Pastel Patterns:  

With 2021 the year of solid pastels, we think 2022 will be the year of pastel patterns to introduce symmetry into bedrooms in a colourful way. 

One of the most beautiful uses for pastel colours is patterns, with patterned wallpaper available with depictions of mountain ranges, geometric patterns and abstract art. There’s no more acceptable way to add colour to a bedroom without being loud! 

We expect to see more pastel patterns in 2022 as people ditch monotone colour schemes favouring colours that pop and are playful. 

Sustainable Eco Style:

With climate change on everyone’s minds, 2022 will see more people than ever embrace eco-friendly materials in bedroom design. 

Natural materials like wood, cork, organic cotton and linen will replace manufactured products with poor eco-credentials. Wicker and rattan boxes will replace plastic containers, and natural fabrics will replace synthetic materials. 

Wood cladding and cork will be used to contrast with metal bed frames, with aluminium bed frames increasingly chosen for 100% recyclability.   Julian Bowen Florence 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall:

As people seek to make better use of space following coronavirus lockdowns, mirrors will play a crucial role in creating rooms that feel larger. 

The mirrored furniture so popular for dining tables and coffee tables will find its way into bedrooms in 2022, with bedside tables and chests of drawers finished with mirror panels to reflect light and give small bedrooms a sense of space. 

Mirrors are best-paired with glass, so we also expect to see more glass/crystal furniture in 2022, as well as more glass lamps and bedroom décor. 


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