Tips for Launching a Successful Party Plan Business

Following on from considering a Party Plan or Direct Sales Business lets take a look at actually hosting parties.  Now you’re all signed up with demonstrator pack in hand the next thing to do is have a party! Start by holding one at home to launch your brand new business to your friends and family. You only really get one chance to do this as you will soon run out of friends and family to sell too, however being around people you know will be a comfort in the first instance.

Holding a Party Checklist : 

  • Know your products : Get to grip with your products, prices and any current offers and ultimately any add ons, as these will increase sales. You don’t need to be an amazing salesperson you just need to understand and like the products your enthusiasm will shine through, selling the product for you.  Ensure you label anything on display and use posters
  • Treat yourself like a hostess : Get some practice in of how the system works. Decide what products/treats/rewards you’d like as if you were the hostess from having a party. Use this information you have an idea of what sales and bookings are required.  Determine a pre-party sales target and a party sales target.
    Party Plan Celebration
  • Refreshments: Tea, coffee, juices and well it is a celebration so a few bubbles is a must. If your buying in bulk, top tip is to check comparison sites for any Prosecco on offer which will help keep costs down as buying alcohol is an expensive part of hosting a party. Cake and snacks are handy too, people start talking when they are eating and drinking.
  • Invite A LOT of people : Invite everyone you know and encourage them to bring a friend too. Hand out brochures beforehand to those who can’t come encouraging them to make pre-party orders.  Hard truth : Most of the people you invite probably won’t turn up so inviting 40 people may seem excessive but your more likely to have half of that turn up and then only half of those purchase. A great way to reach a large audience quickly is my creating a Facebook your business
  • Capture Data : Have a way in which to grab people’s details – an email address or phone number. Have a prize draw, everyone enters their details and a random winner is selected from these. Prizes could be chocolate, wine, a money off voucher.
  • Product Demonstration : Don’t leave it up to chance. Have a proper rehearsed chat, providing all the key factors of each product and time for questions after.  Enable everyone to use their senses, especially touch and smell, to experience the products as this will also increase sales.
  • Customer Service :  Strive to always provide the best customer service.  Customers will always remember exceptional service, going above and beyond and in the same breathe customers will most certainly remember a less than satisfactory experience and tell everyone about it!
  • Utilise your business cards : Provide all your guests with a thank you card at the end which has all your contact details on. You never know who might want to make an order or host a party in the future.
  • Have a set end date : Close your order book either that night or the next day.  Don’t give customers a week to make a decision as in this time they will forget. Catch orders when they are excited and engaged with the products.
  • Enjoy yourself : You will find it much easier to engage, sell and develop a repertoire with customers if you are relaxed and having fun.

After the party use your captured data to target potential hostess’ to fill your diary with more parties and more sales. Looking to use more out of the box sales tactics and maybe utilise social media? Then 5 ways to increase your sales has some excellent tips. Do you run a party plan/direct sales business I’d love to hear your top tips for hosting your first party.

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