Wouldn’t you like to be a vlogger?

I sometimes wonder if Daddy Moo is listening to me and then he pulls a corker out of the bag! He came home the other day excited about a Newsbeat report on BBC Radio One about Vloggers (video bloggers) who are making a killing financially!  So here’s where you trundle off read it and feel uber deflated by your blog – right?

wanna be a blogger

Well Daddy Moo and I spent our Friday evening discussing the inner workings of these vloggers and here’s what we came up with. If we pull apart some of the information and take a look at how we ourselves can replicate their tips it becomes more interesting.

Followers :

This article looks at YouTube followers they have – all between 200,000 and 4 million.  When you have this amount of people following you in one place that’s pretty awesome. But I have some followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Networkedblogs, some subscribers to my site, newsletter followers! Oh and some on You Tube as well!

So do I need to collate more people into one place?  Remember building up a following takes time.

Daddy Moo has decided that the number of followers opens the vloggers mentioned up to all kinds of endorsements/payments but on a scale he can’t quite apprehend.  We watched a video of one vlogger putting on a face mask! It had over 1,000 likes and 200,000 subscribers to her channel – seriously!  He believes this shows how important the number of followers is. I still stand by my thoughts that it is always quality over quantity.

You Tube Advertising :

Getting a cut of the revenue, apparently this can be as much as 50%! Obviously for someone like me that isn’t going to happen YET! But I have just changed my settings to monetise videos so I’ve not much to report yet.  There are some useful tutorials about check this one from This is me – Sarah Mum of 3 – How to make money on You tube.

Can you still be picky? :

I was thankfully reassured by Lily Pebbles that she only endorsed products/businesses that she liked. She isn’t a cash monkey!  Which when you look at the list – is easy to consider doing.

  • Up to £20,000/month for banners and ‘skins’ around edges of web pages.
  • Up to £4,000 per mention of a product.
  • Up to £4,000 per Instagram/Twitter post featuring product.
  • Up to £10,000 per personal appearance.

I am offered sponsored posts and paid endorsements all the time but I always disclose this and only promote things I actually like or use and sadly none for £4,000!! (But if you are a brand reading this – call me 😉 )

Keeping it real :

SebAnna Gardner, Vivianna Does Make Up – apparently mentioned a high street make up brush set and it sold out online by that afternoon. So lets put this into context –  make up brushes are more of a spontaneous, impulse purchase than say a pushchair.  The nearly 200,000 subscribers she has are like her (Daddy Moo seems to think this is called relative marketing – I’d like some feedback from marketeers on this)  young girls between probably between 13-25 with a disposable income not like mums.  If we take my pal Kara from ChelseaMamma as an example – she was sent a pushchair from Britax to keep and review.  However amazing her review is (and she has written a few plus you always see on instagram Seb in his Affinity = awesome brand ambassador!) no mum or mum to be will instantly run out and spend in the region of £400 based on one review.  They will need to talk it over with their partner, read more reviews AND hunt high and low for the best deals online.

I think the key things to take from the BBC article are :-

  1. Produce really good content. Whether that be written, visual or audio.
  2. Build a really good following (and that’s not one where you join like ladders on Facebook and increase your following by an addition 100 people but your interaction doesn’t go up. Or you hold a competition where a key point is to follow you on Twitter but they never tweet with you again!)

So you wanna be a Vlogger : 

(I imagine that being said to the tune of “So you wanna be a boxer” from Bugsy Malone)

I always worry so much about vlogging that I just don’t even try. But it’s easy to think you need a lot of equipment and skills to make videos when actually your mobile phone in most cases will do as a starting point. Katy from Hey Mummy TV gave an amazing talk to Lemur LinkUp about vlogging and she kindly wrote her notes up. It’s really worth a read : Vlogging Tips for Parent Bloggers

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