3 University Degrees Future or Current Entrepreneurs Should Consider

If you’re a self-made and self-taught entrepreneur, there are probably times when you might feel limited or overwhelmed and must rely on outside help. You might even commit errors of omission because you weren’t aware of your legal obligations. These are just some of the risks of not having an actual background in business. 

In other cases, you might have some experience or formation but are still trying to fill the gaps in your knowledge base. Therefore, all entrepreneurs should consider either pursuing or refining their education if they want to become more efficient. Here are some of the degrees you should consider.

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Business : 

We’ll start with the most evident and popular choice. If you need a solid foundation in business and you are starting from scratch, getting a business degree is a great option. Starting with a bachelor’s and getting an MBA will allow you to understand things like human resources, accounting, marketing, supply chain management, and business law among other things. These are all things that will allow you to operate as a one-person crew, or coordinate teams and departments better.

Finance : 

A finance program goes a little more in-depth than business and focuses more on the accounting and financial analysis of the company. Those with a background in finance will be better equipped to do forecasts, for instance. They’ll be able to run a cost-benefit analysis, value acquisitions and proposals, oversee the expansion, and become better at securing financing for their businesses.

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However, the school you choose will make a big difference in how prepared you’ll be. Schools like the University of Westminster, for instance, are known for their finance programs. Not only does it have one of the best B-schools in Europe and in the world, but it’s also the only UK school to have a Bloomberg Financial Markets Suite. 

If you want to know the University of Westminster ranking or anything about the school in general, you can find out the details here at Uni Compare. They have a full profile on the school, the perks and services they offer, and some information on the student body. They also have a few reviews from students who studied there.

Computer Science : 

If you already have a business foundation and want to get a degree that will allow you to be a great tech entrepreneur, then look no further than computer science. With this degree, you’ll be able to manage IT teams, allocate IT resources, develop or oversee the development of apps and programs, and become better at data mining.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to foresee possible IT security vulnerabilities and build a solid plan for your organisation. You’ll also be perfectly positioned to start a business in the Fintech or cryptocurrency world. 

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So, if you were thinking of sharpening your skills, and becoming a better, more well-rounded entrepreneur, you should definitely give these options a look. These all have something different to offer and could help you stand apart and gain a significant edge over the competition.

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