Exploring Moral Values With Your Child

Instilling in your child good moral values will help them make decisions independently based on what they believe is right or wrong. Their values will guide them throughout life and impact the choices they make as they grow and mature. Moral values teach children how to interact with and treat others, and what to expect from them in return. Read on for some advice from a senior school in London on how you can explore moral values with your child. 

Exploring Moral Values With Your Child:

Exploring Moral Values With Your Child

Set A Good Example:

Make sure you demonstrate the values you’d like your child to adopt in your everyday life – the best way to teach something is to set a good example. Children learn a lot about the world and their place in it from watching how their parents behave. If you want your child to have good manners, ensure they see you saying please and thank you to people and showing appreciation when someone has done something nice for you. Your child will likely copy this behaviour and display good manners to others themselves. 

Give Praise For Good Moral Judgment:

When your child demonstrates good moral values, such as being kind to a sibling or making a tough decision based on what they think is right, make sure you give them lots of praise so they learn that good moral judgement is rewarded. Point out what values they’ve displayed and why it’s important. A regular positive affirmation like this is more effective than simply chastising children for the wrong kind of behaviour. 

Make Gratitude A Habit:

Gratitude is an important moral value for children to learn as it helps them approach life with positivity and face challenges head-on. You can help your child get into the habit of being grateful by encouraging them to show appreciation for others; for example, they could write a thank you card to a friend who invited them to a party or give a homemade gift to their teacher at the end of term. Make a daily practice of gratitude by asking your child to list all the good things that have happened each day or encouraging them to write in a gratitude journal before bed. This will end the day on an optimistic note and instil in your child a positive mindset. 

Your child’s moral values will shape their path through life and help them make decisions independently, a skill that will benefit them as they move into adulthood. 

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