Looking Dapper With Dobell (Review)

One of the things I love most about David is his confidence in being himself. He never worries about what people thinks whereas I’m constantly concerned about how other perceive me and do you know what that’s exhausting.   You know when you get invited to a wedding and you think I’ve ages to sort that out and then all of a sudden it’s upon you, yup well that happened to us. As a chimney sweep, his wardrobe collection is a bit sparse in the nice suit department, except a black funeral suit which sadly has been worn far too many times lately for my liking.  I’m actually no better with my mum uniform trousers and a t-shirt, I literally panic bought a dress, which really wasn’t ideal. It was too long, I had to keep holding it up. It was white and although it had a lining was a little more transparent than I had imagined on the hanger, meaning I kept stressing about my knickers! Daddy Moo on the other hand wore a snazzy suit, bowler hat and a pocket watch, owning his quirky, unique style like a boss.

Dobell Suit

Dobell kindly gifted Daddy Moo a suit, he was keen to have something that would suit more than one occasion and could be used as mix and match pieces. After much debating and messing around with a tape measure he opted for the Dobell Charcoal Prince of Wales Check 3 piece suit. With the wedding being in June it was very warm, meaning the single-breasted jacket was ditched quite early on in the day.  Daddy Moo was keen to still look dapper without a jacket and a waistcoat works perfectly of course his gold pocket watch gave him that extra pizzazz. Unlike me holding up my dress and trying to hide my pants!!Dobell Charcoal Prince of Wales Check 3 piece suit.

Dobell specialises in fine tailoring at affordable prices and offers the very best in style for all occasions. But don’t let the small price tag fool you the attention to detail on this suit is impeccable making it look far more expensive. Take the jacket with it’s double vented back, 4 button cuff and jetted pockets which Daddy Moo kept on longer than I had anticipated possibly due to the lightweight durable fabric, he didn’t overheat like he’d anticipated. Once he did ditch the jacket, he still looked sharp in his waistcoat and had a bit more freedom to join in with a spot of country dancing. Each item is dry clean only but well worth the effort as Daddy Moo looked a million bucks.

wedding party dobell suit

My dress may have caused me a few issues by luckily my face didn’t! I never wear make up and knowing I was already apprehensive about my dress my lovely friend Tam of Tranquility Beauty Secrets offered to do my make up for me. I was a little worried I’d feel really made up and even more uncomfortable but Tam was able to hide my flaws, uneven skin tone but keep the bits that make me me, my freckles.  I also get really freaked out by eyebrows have you seen those garden eyebrows? Angry bird eyebrows? Christmas Tree eyebrows? (seriously if you have no idea what I’m talking about google them!), the thought of doing anything other than a tidy and wax with mine is unheard off, however I must admit my eyebrows looked great with a touch of brow palette applied.  Although I was wearing a fair few products, my face didn’t feel heavy or over made, I felt natural and *cough* looked gorgeous. Surprisingly I think we made a lovely looking couple and scrubbed up fairly well.

Photo Credit: Nu Skin

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