Three Notebooks I Use Everyday To Be Productive

I love that back to school feeling of a new pencil case filled with fancy pens and pencils. That fresh new smell, a blank page in your diary or notebook, conjuring up feelings of excitement, hope, creativity, and productivity. But you have to have the right tools for the right job, one notebook doesn’t just suit every occasion.
bastet and bee notepads

The Three Notebooks I Use Everyday : 

  • Goal Setting: I use a grey notebook from Printkick for my Goal Setting Accountability Group. I love being creative with the planning sheets, cutting them up, writing down my goals, and breaking these goals down into smaller manageable steps. I add motivational quotes, super cute stickers and make mini vision boards/collages.  It’s an integral part of my long term planning and I find being creative, not only fun but cements the goal steps in my foremind. printkick notebooks
  • Daily Planner: For my daily planner I’ve been using the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter  I absolutely love the layout. It combines a gratitude journal with a to do list alongside a monthly calendar all contained inside a beautifully bound hardback book. The paper quality is lovely especially if you like using felt tips and fineliners.  gratitude mal paper
  • Doodle Notepads: Write down and planning out my ideas, brainstorming, and doodles which sometimes I’ll stick in a book and other times I’ll recycle. A notepad needs to be functional but sometimes a blank stark white page isn’t enough to get those creative juices flowing. Bastet & Bee designed by French-British couple Sakina and Andrew Robinson aims to reinvent the classic white notepad with creative compositions, bright and bold using sustainable paper. I received a PLAY and FLOW gift packs (20euro each) which come with a one blank INSPIRATION notepad and either a PLAY or FLOW designed notepad. Although it has a colourful cover the INSPIRATION notepad is blank inside but it has this unique feature whereby it can be laid completely flat no matter where in the book you are (making it amazing for bullet journal spreads!) and pages can be cleanly torn out without ruining the rest of the notepad.  The PLAY and FLOW notepads don’t have a cover but the geometric designs and bold colours make you want to doodle. Each notepad is handmade in France, shipping to the UK takes 5-8 days. Bastet & Bee make a really lovely gift for someone who adores notepads, journalling or works for themselves these are definitely not your standard highstreet pads, they are really special. bastet and bee

Planners and Notepad Help Your Small Business  :

  1. Organisation:  I’ve detailed how I use my three notebooks, each having its own use and function to keep me organised, whether that be to keep a tab on my appointments, work deadlines, events or a step by step break down to how I’ll achieve my next goal. Each has a significant role to play in my working day.
  2. Time Management: Did you know time management is basically organising your time effectively to achieve your chosen tasks? I know right, simple, but then you add in a bit of social media and suddenly the day has passed and you haven’t achieved anything.  Coming back to work after the Summer Holidays can also leave you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you need to do/catch up on. However, by breaking your list down into bite-sized chunks maybe 3 or 4 things per day and time blocking each task, you will soon become a productivity ninja!
  3. Creative Outlet:  Even if you aren’t the most artistic person having a notepad or various coloured pens gives you an outlet to be creative. Being creative is good for your mental health and wellbeing, by focusing your brain, reducing stress and improving productivity.

monthly calendar mal paper

Do you have a set of old skool notebooks and pens to help you plan your day, reach your goals or do you prefer something online?

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