Can you comment please?

The big old debate = Quantity or quality has been on my mind a lot lately.  I used to write 3 posts a week on the blog but I’m now only writing one a week. Why?? Well a) I wanted to do a bit of an experiment to see if one post well managed is better than 3 unmanaged. I have tons of posts with no comments on.  That’s a bit sad 🙁 and yet I know the content is good.  I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing old content over the next few weeks.  and b) even with the great time management and scheduling techniques – my time is more and more limited – mostly due to 1 small child who is harder work than 3 of them!! – I do still only works out once a month I sit down to write.     I know how important having a blog is for your business so I’m not likely to let 2 years worth of work go BUT it has got me thinking have I been using the articles to their full advantage?? and given that some have no comments my theory is no.

We all love getting comments on our blog posts it’s a way for us to gage what people think and more importantly has it been read!

Comments – not only lets you know people like your content but they give you a talking point, maybe ideas for new content and they are away to see who your customers are.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing your commentability (yes not a real word but you get my drift 😉 )

  • Definitely a call to action at the end of your blog, share an example ie “I’m wearing yellow knickers, what colour are yours? Jayne from ilove2blog4you 
  • commentluv – I’ve just added this plugin as I had become aware of others using it and then I actually started reading someone’s blog based on their commentluv post on an entirely different blog! The title intrigued me. (wordpress users only)
  • Sharing posts on social media comment there and engage conversation meaning people move over to your blog to read what people are chatting about
  • When you share your post think about what you say – “are you utilising the interest list facility?” is going to be far more effective than “come and read my blog
  • Facebook like buttons are like gold – if a reader maybe isn’t confident or doesn’t know what to say they are likely just to click like and have then shared it with there 100+ friends = new readers
  • Ditch captcha! Reply to as many comments as you can, make sure you comment on other blogs, run a plugin that shows your Top 10 commenters on the homepage – Jen from Sign and the City

As usual if you have any other suggestions on how to increase your comments  please do comment below 😉

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