Chiropractor one day, Mumpreneur the next! Oh what a Bundle-O-Joy

The Bundle-O-Joy journey began in health care, a million miles away.
I qualified in 2002 in Canada, where I grew up, as a chiropractor! I never thought I would leave Canada until …. I met my husband. We moved to England, nine years ago, and the rest they say is history. Three children later, we are still here and have no plans of leaving.

Between my pregnancies, I would always dream of trying something new and completely different while on maternity leave. I have had many ideas over the years, some good and some not as good, but finally I stopped thinking and started doing. I took action and voilà – Bundle-O-Joy was born.

While I was pregnant for the third time, I became frustrated with the maternity clothes on offer. They were either really cheap (and horrible) or really expensive (and a waste of money). I borrowed clothes from friends, but still found myself needing things that fit properly and made me feel good.

This pregnancy was tough for me.
I didn’t feel myself.
I gained quite a lot of weight.
I had really bad back pain (ironically) and I just did not feel great.
Sound familiar??

I wanted to provide women with a service that would help make their pregnancies easier. I wanted a way to provide women with an easy way of shopping, a way of buying clothes that were not hideously expensive but not ridiculously cheap and bad quality. I desire to make pregnancy easier, more enjoyable in the form of happy comfortable, uber stylish mummies – something I felt was lacking in my own. From classic bundles of essential items, to themed bundles for sporty mums-to-be, business mums-to-be and stylish summer holiday mums-to-be, capsule maternity wardrobes are exactly what the high street is missing. Designed to give you key pieces of clothing, each Bundle-O-Joy is not only stylish and comfortable, but can be added to your existing wardrobe to create many inspiring outfits!

As my background is in healthcare, running a business and social marketing is all new to me and can sometimes be like learning a new language. I am however, a quick learner and my intuition is one of my strengths. As I continue to develop Bundle-O-Joy around my own three bundles of joy, I am able to sit back and look at what I have achieved so far and I am very proud.

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