Top tips to writing product reviews

I’ve written a few posts from the point of businesses working with bloggers, but I am well aware that it’s increasingly popular to ask businesses to review products for you.  I’ve reviewed products on my Mummy Moo’s Blog as have Charlie and Megan. I only review things that I need, like or would find useful.
I try and keep it to a minimum – 1) readers will soon switch over if you are constantly posting reviews and have no real content. 2) it can be a nightmare trying to juggle all the reviews so that you don’t do point 1 but you also don’t leave it too many months before you review!

Here are some top tips for writing reviews :

  • Be honest, if there is some thing you don’t like about what your reviewing, say so! I hate reading perfect reviews” – Elaine Canvas Pretty and to be honest nobody really gains from this.
  • “If you are going to be critical be constructive – say what is wrong but give examples of how it can be changed.” Mellissa –  The Diary of a Jewellery Lover – this is a really valid point, it maybe that something you don’t like is something your reader loves and also how can the brand improve, develop, move forward with out knowing why or how.
  • Add lots of imagery to show the product you are reviewing” – Emma TheMiniMesAndMe – this is really important and something that Kara – ChelseaMamma does well is photographing products continuously when they arrive/how she puts them together/ in use/out and about/ months after she has reviewed them – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Katie “I like to see reviews that give the product in the blogger’s own words rather than quoting or rehashing the press releases” from Signal Failure at Victoria
  • Set a limit to reviews – If you don’t want your blog to become overwhelmed with reviews, set a limit to how many you will say yes to. This depends on how often you post – if you blog 4-5 times a week then a couple of well-chosen reviews in that mix won’t overwhelm. I only post on here about once or twice a week so about 3 reviews a month is enough for me.” Joanne Joanne Mallon
  • Keep the layout the same – I like to give mine a rating out of 10 at the end and say why and if necessary/appropriate ask the children/Daddy Moo their opinions.

If you are interested in reviewing products and services on your blog – check out sites like Bloggers Required, following brands you like on Facebook and Twitter is also useful there are occasions when requests for reviews will come up.  Make sure you have a disclosure policy on your website/blog – so PR companies know you are open to this and ensure you are easy to contact.