15 things to look out for when choosing a print partner

Having a print partner enables a business to cut the amount of time they spend on costly job management and inefficient administration. As a result, a company can increase their focus on what’s important — creating and maintaining positive relationships with their clients.

How do you find the perfect printing partner though? North East commercial printing company Where The Trade Buys advises that your print partner provides all of the following:

Print Partners

  1. A huge and varied product range

It is important that your commercial printing services in Aurora, CO offer an incredibly diverse product range. This is so they can be there to help you; whether you are looking for something standard like an assortment of leaflets or business cards, as well as when you’re after more complicated items like large-format documents, promotional print materials or customer photo books.

  1. A collection of unique products

As well as a large and varied product range, a good print partner should be able to provide you with items that you can’t get anywhere else. This will give you an edge in your industry, as it will be very unlikely that your competitors will be able to provide customers with the same products.

  1. The choice to create alternative options

You will appreciate a print partner that has a live price builder feature available on their site. This is because the functionality will allow you to compare the cost of an order across a variety of sizes, quantities and weights – without having to start refilling your basket every time.

  1. The option to select non-standard sizes

Stand out to your customers by giving them the opportunity to select products that aren’t the standard A4 or A5 sizes. Optimiser sizes can also be more cost-effective to produce, so it’s a win-win for both you and your client.

  1. Ensure they operate their own production facilities

You should try and select a printing partner that manufactures their products in-house, as those which outsource some of their work run the risk of subjecting you to longer lead times. Print companies that choose to outsource may also encounter administrative mistakes.

  1. They should run more than one site

You can benefit from more flexibility and security by selecting a print partner that operates from more than one site. This is because the printing company will have counter-measures if one facility encounters problems like a power outage or has run out of capacity.

  1. They should offer instant quoting

By making sure that your printing partner offers instant pricing on their website, you can eliminate the hassle of waiting hours – or even days – for a single quote to come through via email. This rapid service can then be passed on to your customers.

  1. You should be able to save your quote

As well as being presented with prices in an instant, a good print partner should also give you the option to save your quotes. That way, you can check a price, alter your specification and place an order at a later date without any delay.

  1. Make sure you can buy multiple versions of one order

Having to purchase ten flyers in separate orders isn’t very time-efficient or economical, but some online systems will request that you do this. Ensure your print partner allows you to buy multiple versions of one order to avoid this headache.

  1. The ability to link a credit card to your company’s account

This point is especially important if you have a number of people in your business buying from the one print partner. This is because you will be able to authorise various users on your account to complete purchases with the same credit card; safe in the knowledge that they won’t need to input the same card information with every order.

  1. They should include delivery costs in their quote

You may lose out on any profit for a job if a print partner has hidden their price of delivery, and then springs it on you once you’ve made a purchase. Always ensure the delivery charge is clearly defined within a quote.

  1. The delivery turnaround should be swift

A printing partner that only offers delivery across the five working days may not be for you if you run a company which is open for business across weekends too. Fortunately, there are print suppliers available that offer next-day delivery as standard no matter the time of week.

  1. They should offer white label delivery

This point will save so much unnecessary stress. This is because a customer may question why there is the name of another print provider on items they had ordered from your company. Even worse, they may opt to buy directly from your print partner in future. Avoid such a scenario by ensuring all deliveries to customers are made in unbranded packaging, and come with an unbranded delivery note.

  1. Access to online product guides

A printing partner is effectively giving you a huge helping hand by providing you with online product guides. This is because these documents will ensure you always create the correct artwork for the items in question, as well as presenting you with handy selling tips which you can then present to customers.

  1. They should be a resource as opposed to a standard print supplier

You are sure to appreciate print partners that work to grow your business by sending you ideas of new products that you can add to your range – much more than those that only deliver a standard service. There are even printing suppliers out there that will take the time to provide you with information on how to better sell and market your products in a more effective manner. Be on the lookout for this level of service in testimonials and customer reviews.

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