Why blogging is a useful lead generation tool

I’ve been reading content on email marketing a lot lately and although I feel like I’m getting to grips with developing a list, I don’t use this list to generate sales, I don’t even send regular information. I know for sure that I don’t have a clear plan and I’m not consistent.  I have no idea about my leads, who they are, what they want or even if they like me! It’s just a list of names. I don’t know how to convert a lead into a customer.

What is lead generation? : 

Like most things in business lead generation is one of the buzz words passed around and we all nod in agreement at networking events. But what exactly is lead generation? A lead is a basically a person who has indicated an interest in your business/services/product.  Lead generation uses a CTA (call to action) to direct the potential customer to a landing page which contains a lead generation form used to collect data in exchange for an offer. An offer can be anything from a free download (which is what I’m currently offering) to money off vouchers. Simple process right? But are you using this in your blogging? No?! Me neither! I have some lead generation forms dotted about my website

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Why blogging is a useful lead generation tool : 

We all know that blogging establishes you as a thought leader and expert in your genre. Potential readers learn a lot about your business, your industry and feel compelled to share this with their peers.  Potential customers are already on your website, reading your content, engaging with your business so ensure you have some kind of CTA in order to grab their data and turn them from leads into customers. Hubspot.com, did a study that shows small businesses that blog receive 55 percent more website visitors than those that do not.

If you are creating a lead incentive on your site I recommend hyper-focusing on a type of customer you want to get. What can you offer that will be useful to them, so useful they’ll sacrifice a good email address or phone number and not unsubscribe immediately. What else can you find out about the people who sign up? Amanda SpiderWorking.com

The lead generation process requires you to :

  • Have a great service/product/offer
  • Get that service/product/offer in front of your target audience
  • Give potential customers a reason to act now! Have a sense of urgency in your CTA or make it a special offer with a deadline.

Lead Generation Tips  :

  1. Optimise your form : Ensure you optimise your lead generation form to make it mobile friendly, to avoid loosing potential customers who access your site on the go.
  2. Social Media : Using social media is a great way to direct traffic to your form.
  3. Directly engage with leads : Use live chat forums, Facebook lives, Q&A sessions, webinars to engage directly with potential leads.
  4. Networking : Never underestimate the power of business networking and handing out business cards. I always like to reconnect online with people I have met at networking events.
  5. Have a sales funnel : Although it sounds quite formal, you do need a plan in place for how you will turn leads into sales.
  6. Ask for referrals from existing customers : Your existing customers already have a level of trust making their recommendation a warmer lead. Offering rewards is a great way to get existing clients to refer you.
  7. Pop Ups : Some people like pop ups others find them intrusive and annoying on mobile devices when you can’t close them. I have an exit pop set up.

Lead generation is something I really need to work on. I need a clear plan going forward of not only how to capture leads but what I am going to provide these leads, as lets face it they need a little more than my smile face!  So instead of ending with a CTA asking you to sign up to my newsletter which quite frankly I probably won’t be writing this month! I’m ending with a discount. Oh yes, I am! Get 25% off my BLOG STAR mug and that’s not all use FREEDEL in the checkout for free postage. What are you waiting for!


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