Why Use Predesigned Canva Templates In Your Social Media


There are so many aspects of running a small business that can suck up your time and energy and sometimes for very little reward. Many areas of marketing can be like this especially content creation and social media.  We sometimes end up spending more time creating content than working within our business and doing the actual activities that we are passionate about.

But creating content doesn’t have to be so stressful!
Scheduling is always your friend! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Scheduling social media in advance helps to;

➡️ Frees up headspace 🤯
➡️ Frees up time ⏰
➡️ Keeps your content consistent
➡️ Work smarter – not harder
Start with a calendar for this month or the following start filling in;
➡️ Content awareness days
➡️ Seasonal dates (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc)
➡️ Personal days (birthdays, school holidays, etc)
➡️ Split your content 20% sales / 80% other stuff
➡️ Look at your Facebook memories do you have some great content to reshare?
(For more content creation tips there’s a longer list on my Facebook Business Page)

Once you start filling in a post here and there you’ll have filled in a whole month before you know it, but now you have a plan, you know what content you are going to share and then you have to create graphics to work alongside your content.
OMG, it’s never-ending!
I love Canva, it’s  FREE, easy to use, and filled with so many useful features. However, I really struggle to create my own Instagram posts and reels/stories and therefore don’t post hardly anything on that platform at all, I pretty much spend all my time scrolling not sure what to use or do.
Sound familiar?
What if I could tell you there’s an easier way? A way that helped you work smarter, not harder, that was done for you but at the same time provide you with the opportunity to edit and customise to streamline with your branding?

Copy of Natural Elegance Social Media Templates

Why Use Predesigned Canva Templates In Your Social Media:

➡️ Boost Your Engagement: Grow your engagement with posts that really ‘wow’ your target audience on social.
➡️ Save Time ⏰ And Money 💰: No more wasting hours trying to great graphics from scratch or having to hire expensive designers! 
➡️ Easy-to-use Canva Templates: Once purchased, you receive a PDF with a link that takes you directly to Canva. Where you will be able to edit the templates as you please, with easy to customise colours, images, and fonts enabling you to completely streamline with your own branding. All you need is a FREE Canva account.
➡️ Beautiful Aesthetics: Pre-populated with a huge variety of FREE stock photos so you don’t have to find them yourself!
➡️ Be Seen As An Authority: Elevate your credibility by sharing educational and useful content with your audience.
➡️ Social Media Strategy: Designed with strategy in mind, includes a variety of content types that your audience will love!
editing predesigned template

The Creative Desk has created a collection of predesigned Canva templates to help small businesses with their social media and I’ve given the Instagram templates a go. What I like the most was the simplicity of the design they aren’t over complicated and really easy to edit in accordance with my branding.

What Is Included?

  • 20 photo frame templates.
  • 20 engaging posts, including educational graphs and charts.
  • 10 inspiring quotes and sayings (unique quotes included).
  • 10 blog and content templates.
  • 5 sales and launch designs.
  • 5 testimonials and social proof posts.

70 templates will keep you going for ages! Using these social media templates also reminded me of content on my website that I hadn’t pushed out onto Instagram.  The layouts make it really easy to turn text heavy content into bullet point graphics.

Get Organised And Save Time

(Actual Instagram Post)

For a small financial investment of less than £20, you can equip yourself with even more tools to make your content creation quicker and easier, helping you to work smarter – not harder. If you have any more tips for creating content and/or scheduling your social media do let me know.

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