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Whatever the event where you’re planning on using your banner stand the aim will be the same – to let people know who you are and to stand out from the crowd. This is the first impression you are going to make on potential customers/ clients and you want it to be a good one.” Liz Beaven – Design Manager

If you are going to be exhibiting, selling or public speaking at events then you need to invest in  branded banner stands. They can be from as little as £49 up to £280.  Have a professional design it for you don’t be tempted to make your own. The price of this can vary from £30 – £100 BUT a designer will ensure that the images are clear and not

banner stands

my first banner stand

pixelated. The file will be in the correct format and the correct dimensions which elevates blur if files are increased in size.  To get a good quality banner stand that you will want to use again and again you need to think about investing up to a £100 for design and manufactoring. In the grand scheme of things though if you use it 100 times its a £1 per use! #bargain

Think about what images you are using, colour and keep within your branding. This banner stand is in keeping with my branding but I think I went a bit too over the top with detail. Less is more springs to mind!  I have actually hardly used it as I didn’t realise how MASSIVE my head shot would be!!! I also soon after decided to tone my branding down and introduce a white background which makes my colours stand out much better.

Think about the actual height of the banner stands when erected and how they banner go up. I’m 5ft 2 and you can see it’s A LOT bigger than me! It’s erected via a telescopic pole which I was unable to do myself unless I stood on a chair and had help! Not always handy if you exhibit alone!

With the rise of photography based social media – #selfies and general “we are here …” photos you can actually make the banner stand work for you long after the event. Check out this picture of Sebby from ChelseaMamma an innocent moment captured at Britmums = marketing promotion for Heinz.

Sebby unwittingly promoting Heinz

Sebby unwittingly promoting Heinz

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