Make Your Audience Feel Closer to Your Brand

To make your audience feel closer to your brand, there needs to be overly positive engagement and communication. From using modern tech like VR to inducing nostalgic experiences, you must use everything at your disposal to drive sales and boost positive interactions.

Make Your Audience Feel Closer to Your BrandMake Your Audience Feel Closer to Your Brand

Let Customers Get Hands-On

How can a potential customer know your product without really experiencing it? Well, they can’t. This is why drinks companies launch high-profile promotions giving away free samples at events. For your audience to understand your products, they must get hands-on with them. An experiential marketing agency can help you come up with a solid strategy for promoting products and getting audiences to engage up close and personal with pretty much anything.

Get Customers To Feel Closer to Your Brand with VR

You can’t ignore new tech to get the most out of a marketing campaign. Virtual reality (VR) is one such tool that can help you cast a wider net and allow your audience to engage where it isn’t physically possible. The beauty of VR is that people can use it at an experiential event or from the comfort of their own homes. VR campaigns are viable now. With products like the PSVR2 and Oculus Quest, VR is becoming a household staple with 171 million users globally.

Interact on Your Blog

A blog isn’t just a website; it is a fully-fledged marketing tool when you understand how to use it. And unless you begin to use a blog to its fullest potential, it is nothing more than an online business card. Yet a blog has tons of engagement and interaction potential. Of course, use a blog to showcase products. But you can also engage via comments, add tools for social media sharing and liking, and even open a member’s forum where like-minded people can interact.

Engage on Social Media

Social media is a tool you cannot afford to overlook. Currently, there are almost 5 billion users of social media on the planet. That’s a lot of potential customers, but how do you use socials? 

  • Set a posting schedule and write informative, positive posts about your brand.
  • Write posts that encourage user interaction, such as asking about their best memory.
  • Use advanced features such as polls to encourage interaction and gain insights.
  • Keep tabs on trending niche hashtags and use them where appropriate.
  • Hosting giveaways and contests for interactions to engage on a deeper level.

The list of ways to use social media for branding and engagement is endless, and you are only hampered by your creativity. Which is why it is a good idea to hire a digital marketing agency.

Capitalise on Trends

If you blink, you can miss the latest trend, so you need to be quick. Joining a trend later in its lifespan might end up costing money and can make you look out of touch. Trend analysis is vital when it comes to engagement. And while advanced analysis can help predict trends, you can easily spot seasonal trends without much expertise. Just by using Google Trends, you can predict seasonal sales of a specific product and get ahead of it to take full advantage of it.

Nostalgia Helps Feel Closer to Your Brand

The best-selling products in the world are the ones with which an audience feels a deep connection. There is a reason why Coca-Cola doesn’t spend money on celebrities like Pepsi. And that’s because they have nailed the Christmas market with their nostalgic ads like the ones that feature Haddon Sundblom’s Santa. There’s also the light-up Coke truck, and who can forget the Polar bears? Nostalgia is a massive seller these days with lifelong customers if you nail it.

Redesign Your UI and UX

All customers really want is to be able to easily order your product quickly and easily. When you have used your ads, engaged and got a customer to the point of sale, the hard part is done. Why fall at the last hurdle? A poorly designed website that is slow to load and makes it hard to order will cause shopping cart abandonment, the number one cause of lost online sales. So redesign your UI often, and only make changes that positively impact the user experience.


Letting your customers get hands-on with products is a great way to have them feel closer. Yet you must also engage in various ways on social media to reach a wider audience. And a refreshed UI every now and then can help customers order and better engage via your website.

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