Renting an office space a few things to consider.

We’ve looked before at when you out grow your home office and need to move into more substantial rented premises, but it doesn’t just stop there at what type of space. There are a few things to consider when you rent an office space.


Is the space in a good location for potential clients and customers? But also is it close enough to your home, children’s school and nurseries? In my opinion there is no point being in the best part of time if you are going to be spending all your money driving there and aren’t in easy access of the children if anything happens.

Health and safety policy?

If you have 5 of more employees you are required  to have a written health and safety policy, where risk factors are determined and safe use of equipment is detailed.  If you are renting office space or hot desking find out what procedure the company has in place.  Be sure you are aware of where fire exists are and where all of the fire extinguishers are located. Don’t be afraid to ask for training on fire safety, using Bull Products Fire Extinguishers, manual handling and how to under take a risk assessment if you haven’t done one of these before.

office coffee


Is the office space furnished or will you need to do it?  This will be anything from desks to refreshments. I love the bean to cup vending machines available from Select Drinks London definitely a posh way to greet clients.  If your on a budget we all know that Ikea does a fantastic range of wallet friendly office solutions. I’d also look at a plant or two we have talked before about how plants can improve office productivity.  Anything with a plug on will need PAT testing to ensure it’s safe. Does the office provide this service or will you need to employ someone too? This needs to be done annually.


Is there a receptionist who directs clients to your office? Can you lock your own office?  Do security guards patrol at night?  How do clients get in? Is there parking for them?

There is a lot more to consider and when you get into it – it’s a really scary and exciting time for your small business.
Are you almost at the time to take the leap from home office to rented space?

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  1. August 30, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    This is another great post I’ve ran across on this website today!

    I like how you wrote in detail about the important of health and safety policies

    If there was one thing I would add to this would be for businesses to consider what the opening hours are of the business center they’re planning to rent offices from, what days the offices are closed on and whether or not that schedule will cause any dangerous implications on your business functioning and succeeding
    Chris Dunford recently posted..What are the benefits of fully serviced offices?My Profile