10 rules of offline marketing to build a brand

Offline Marketing can be very difficult. Online marketing is growing and becoming ever more powerful. This tends to cause offline marketing tactics to be overlooked in modern day society. However, Offline marketing is still very important if approached and implemented correctly. It is one of the most crucial elements of successfully build a brand. To build a brand your offline marketing needs to be just as good as your online marketing.

The 10 rules of offline marketing to build a brand consists mainly of the below:-

  • Using no more than 7 words
  • Using Relevant Images
  • Using Appropriate Colours
  • One Point Of Contact
  • No Naff Graphics!
  • No Naff Fonts!
  • Calls To Action
  • Not Everyone Is Your Customer
  • Plagiarism and Mimicking – Sometimes competitors can teach you a thing or two
  • Flour the rules

The team at Colourgraphics.com have produced an infographic which explains the 10 rules for offline marketing which can be seen below.

10 rules for offline marketing

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