Flexible Office Solutions – from bedroom to boardroom

pondering JoanneMany small business will start off, like me, working from home. For me its currently the logical choice. I have my office set up and can be dashing in and out for school runs, clubs and when Olive takes an unexpected nap. To have an actual rented office space wouldn’t be viable – Olive is home most days and I’d be wasting money. However I don’t always want clients to come to my home and nor do all of them want me to come to theirs. I find myself spending a lot of time travelling from cafe to cafe for meetings, drinking my body weight in coffee and feeling a bit naff once I get home.

I think sometimes it would be nice to have a space where I could invite clients to visit me in a more formal environment and hold small group training sessions etc. etc.  This would not only be useful but possibly increase my business kudos. I think there is still a small stigma associated with working from home like your not quite a “real business”. (Old skool thinking from me perhaps!)

What I really need is some kind of flexible office solution.  Somewhere where I could hire a desk – hot desking (if you are considering this do check out these 13 top tips to hot desking) for short periods of time which I think would really help with productivity. Sometimes you just need to get out of your house – the endless piles of washing never stop calling your name!  Ideally my flexible office would have a meeting room too reducing the need to go to cafes and mean I could also hold regular group sessions.

There are actually lots of flexible office solutions, even in rural areas like Dorset, enabling you to take your business from bedroom to boardroom. The Government also part funds a scheme “business incubation” whereby the rents are low and you’d be sharing with other like minded entrepreneurs (networking we know is key in small business growth).   This to me sounds like a great way to test the waters with rented office spaces as well as the previously mentioned hot desking.

Eventually when all the children are at full time school I’d love to have a more conventional business which saw me switch off at school pick up and relax until the school drop off the next day (it’s never going to happen right 😉 ) Have you considered moving to rented office spaces? Or are you quite happy with your home office space?

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