Making Your Home Office Healthy

I already spend 3 days a week = 15 hours sat in the office and I’m conscious in September that will move to 5 days = 25 hours. While I know that financially and stress wise with deadlines this is going to be great, I’m aware of how depressing my Harry Potteresque under the stairs office can be.  There is no natural light and the sometimes it can feel quite cold and dark. In the winter it felt warm and cozy, when it was dark and wet outside but the last few weeks I’ve actually taken my coffee break in the garden to warm up!

Simplyhealth have conducted a survey which showed that nearly half of desk bound staff said that they felt like they didn’t get enough exercise and had put on weight.  Wearing my fitbug has really helped with trying to stay active, take more breaks and drink more water, but I do eat snacky comfort foods in the office and rarely have a proper lunch!

I’ve really nailed the storage in my office, although I do need to be less messy! Here are a few things I’m going to try to make my office space healthier and happier and hopefully in turn increase my productivity.

  1. Change the lightbulbs to daylight ones removing the horrid orange glow that leaves me feeling tired and lethargic.
  2. Have fruit in my office. We have a massive bowl of the stuff in the living room maybe a bunch of grapes or few satsumas will leave me feeling full, healthier and again less lethargic.
  3. Try and keep my office space tidy – tidy space = tidy mind well so they say maybe that’s why my mind is so erratic!
  4. Change my chair. I’m currently sat on a pine wooden one left over from our old dinning furniture. It’s not very comfortable for 5 hours a day sitting.
  5. Take regular active breaks and keep my fitbug happy.
  6. Sort out the shed so the children’s bikes/scooters aren’t cluttering up my space.
  7. Jen from Love Chic Living suggested using light reflecting paints and mirrors to bounce the light from the front door around my office. This is something I will look at too.

Do you work from home? Is your office a beautiful place that’s tranquil and productive or are you like me and utilising space that would otherwise be a dumping ground (although looking at this image it still is!)?

My #homeoffice is a great space it just lacks light, comfort and inspiration!

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