Why Industrial Resin Flooring Is The Best Solution For Businesses

When you think about resin you might think of craft businesses that use resin to make bowls, jewellery and decorative objects filled with flowers (I love this idea for my wedding flowers), sea glass and ashes (I’ve even seen crafters use breastmilk).  Resin is a hard-wearing, hygienic and durable material that lends itself to many uses one of them is actually flooring including driveways due to its hard-wearing durability. If you are considering a new floor then resin flooring really is the best solution for your business. What are the benefits of using resin flooring within your business premises?

What Is Actually Is Resin Flooring: 

To start with you probably wondering, “what actually is resin flooring?” well it’s a hard-wearing plastic surface created by mixing a selection of ingredients to create a highly durable finish, ideal for environments with heavy use such as factories, retail units and industrial premises. Resin flooring is laid in a liquid form which is then left to cure hard.

Why Industrial Resin Flooring Is The Best Solution For Businesses

Why Industrial Resin Flooring Is The Best Solution For Businesses:

  • Safety: Workplace accidents caused by uneven, worn or crumbling floors due to high traffic areas, corrosion or machinery are a nightmare for any industrial business. But resin flooring can help.  As well as being made slip-resistant which is essential for foot traffic, trolleys and vehicles, it also has a high resistance to chemicals that can cause erosion in concrete. Overall helping to avoid accidents and slip/fall injuries in the workplace.
  • Durability: Durability is an important factor when considering new flooring. Resin flooring is highly durable and can withstand heavy traffic and repeated cleaning. Due to its strength and durability, resin flooring is widely found in commercial settings such as warehouses, garages, and retail units.
  • Health And Hygiene: Resin flooring is one of the most hygienic and easy to keep clean surfaces. The non-porous and water-resistant nature of the product prevents developing mould or mildew.  They don’t need fancy cleaners or yearly maintenance, resin flooring is super easy to wipe down at the end of the day.
  • Price: You might be surprised by the resin flooring cost as one of the main advantages of this form of flooring. It is actually one of the more affordable options than some of the other types of traditional floorings. This makes it an attractive choice for any small business owner looking for a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of their premises. Also, a massive plus point is that resin flooring is cost-effective over time, lasting many years with minimal effort and taking into consideration the first 3 points – safety, durability, health and hygiene.
  • It Looks So Good: There’s no denying the aesthetic appeal of resin and because it’s so easy to care for and keep clean it looks good for years to come! As it’s laid in liquid form you are able to smooth out what would be an uneven surface. Resin flooring also retains its characteristics over a longer period of time – patterns, zoning etc.

I love how versatile resin is! Who would have thought! Have you considered adding resin flooring to your small business premises? Let me know your thoughts on resin flooring in the comments below.


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