My top 3 post from 2013

Joanne Dewberry Crafting a Successful Small Business Here are my top 3 posts from 2013 (taking out guest posts, those not written in 2013 as this was really popular but from 2011 – To Craft or Not to Craft and competitions)

  1. Facebook is always a popular topic on the blog and none more so than – How to increase your pages visibility. I think quick easy tips that can fit into your day without much effort and time will always be popular.
  2. Which fits in with 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog – I actually refer back to this post when I do 5 tips for £5 or am helping someone build a blog. You can guarantee that a lot of people aren’t using link within which is a great tool for driving traffic.
  3. This is quite a recent post but one I have referred a lot too – 6 ways to promote your business before half term. 6 bite sized tips – one a week to get your business noticed.

Do you know what your popular posts are for 2013?
I know I will be blogging in 2014 more about Facebook, blogging and marketing. What about you?

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