Facebook Milestones – do you use them?

There are so many great features/tools (images, events, 3rd party apps) to promote your business via a Facebook Business Page BUT is Facebook Milestones one of them??  And here is where I normally give you hints and tips but to be honest, I just don’t know!

When I posed this question on my Facebook Page many people hadn’t used them. I  have popped a few intermittent things on like when Crafting a Successful Small Business was published and when Olive was born etc. but I could add a lot more.   I have also see people writing things like “reached 1,000 likes” (and in one of my clients admin boxes it is actively encouraged to do this) … what do you think looks good or looks pants?

So how do you add a milestone?
Where you would normally add a status/image/link you should see something which says “event, offer +” click there and a list should appear click milestone and there you go. You can back date milestones too.  If you did want your Facebook page to show things like when you won an award, when you went LTD or employed staff etc. you can.


Milestones – do you use them?

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