CV help with Jobsite

How funny is that! I love a good parody – have you seen Greg James swinging naked on a wreaking ball? – too funny! But this Jobsite video does have a serious message – unlike Greg’s. With it only being reported today in the Telegraph that college leavers are “totally unprepared for the demands of work”. Is enough effort being put into work experience and the basic mechanics of employment?

There’s also the fast number of stay at home mums who will be thinking about returning to work but wondering what to do about the 5/6 year gap in their CV. Most will underestimate the skills being a mother teaches you – negotiation, counselling, budgeting finances, chef! You name it us mums do it! Luckily there is CV help through Jobsite available.

This video is also part of a campaign “Jobsite – The Advantage”. A competition in which one lucky person will win a complete career and interview package! To enter check out the Jobsite Advantage website.

This is a commissioned post which complies with my disclosure policy.

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