Creating a Stress-Free Work Environment: 4 Effective Tips

Stress and productivity just do not go together, especially in the long run. Unfortunately, work related stress is higher now than it has ever been before. Much of that has to do with the highly competitive market that we do business in today. However, a number of methods have been adopted over the years by various leading names in different industries to reduce employee stress in the workplace, and some of them are proving to be quite effective. Here are four tips you can implement in your workplace.

Gardens Help Alleviate Stress

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Essentially, gardens are a glimpse into nature’s beautiful side amidst a busy and stressful work environment. Therefore, the stressbusting effects of a well-maintained office garden are, to some extent, similar to the kind of peace that a hiker or a camper experiences in the middle of the woods.  According to office therapists and employees, the olfactory and visual impact of a lush green garden, speckled with colourful, scented blooms is tremendous in bringing down stress.

Maintaining such an office garden is a lot of work though, but this provider may be worth looking into for the necessary gardening services. Contractors from Regional Services cover all aspects of office garden maintenance, which includes everything from daily watering and washing, to seasonal pruning, weeding and even reseeding.

Introducing an Office Pet

Similar to how a garden provides stress-relief by acting as a small window into the peaceful side of nature, office pets relieve stress by making the work environment feel genuinely welcoming. Dogs and cats are the prime choices for office pets, but making sure that the pet is well trained and properly dewormed before introducing them to the office is essential. 

Nothing busts stress better than a snuggling cat or a playful dog. In case having an office pet is not an option, consider letting employees bring their own pets to the office.

Introduction of Stressbusting Facilities

A stressbusting facility could be something as simple as having a well-equipped gym, a common room with games, and a break room for resting. These are the basics, and they still work in the same way that they did decades ago. Physical exercise in any form busts stress through endorphin release, and the more options a workforce has, the more likely are they to participate. The break room, on the other hand, gives stressed employees some time to catch up on their thoughts in silence.

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Cafeteria Food Should be Monitored

Processed meat cooked in vegetable oil makes the body sluggish, while caffeinated, sugary drinks in particular, can boost acute stress like anything. Certain types of food contribute to increasing stress rather than relieving it, so special attention should be given to what is being served in the cafeteria. The availability of a few comfort food items must also be there, but the menu should largely comprise of healthy options. 

The goals of a business should, at some level, align with the wellbeing of the employees, or productivity cannot be achieved sustainably. This is the main reason why some of the most successful companies in the world have such a relaxed work environment.

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