7 Life Hacks For Busy Working Parents

It’s hard work juggling a family and a business. Especially if you work from home! You have to be so disciplined.  I’ve always intended this blog to be a source of useful information for mums in business and those working from home, but I don’t know everything so I’ve enlisted some help from mums in the know! Give them a try and let me know how successful you were.

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7 Life Hacks For Busy Working Parents

Slow cookers are your best friend:

Home cooked, wholesome meals every day and all it took was 10 minutes of chopping veg, last night’s left over vino, a splash of herbs and a meat of your choice. Leave all day add pasta, rice or potatoes and enjoy! Nichola, Nichola’s Cards also suggests writing a food list and Samantha, Dorset Hill Jewellery recommends filling your chest freezer. Caroline, Personal Trainer adds planning & preparation and online shopping! All ways to save yourself some time (and money) feeding a hungry family!
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Take regular breaks and exercise: 

I use the Pomodoro technique for work a lot, 25 minute timed bursts with 5 minute breaks. Working from home means the 5 minute breaks are well suited to loading the dishwasher or folding some washing, and it keeps me active too. But I still delegate lots to the rest of the family too, just because you work at home, doesn’t mean you do the housework! Penny, from ParentShaped.  If you are like everyone else in the world you will be very busy, making time for the gym can be quite difficult. Time management is essential when you want to get fit, check out discovery personal training so you have a specific personal trainer to help you with just this.


A ‘one and done‘ approach is the only way that seems to work for me, says Rebecca from The Beesley Buzz. “As soon as something needs doing just do it quickly instead of thinking about it / putting it off / or writing it on a list. So all the small jobs get done as soon as possible.” Great tips which are echoed by Kara, ChelseaMamma who cleans as she goes, stacks / unstack the dishwasher whilst making the kids breakfast/lunch boxes – clean the bath/shower after you’ve used it etc etc.

Kill two birds with one stone:

Jackie Richmond, Lemur Landings, suggests if you have an errand to run and friend to see do it in same place. Use waiting time at kid’s activities to fit in run/walk or quick shopping trip or use as planning time / learn something new.  I can so concur with this! I use Monday’s swimming lessons to clearout my inbox and write notes for my book.

Be Mobile Friendly:  

A mobile phone that can hold all your work apps so while you wait to pick up kids etc, you can carry on doing work on your phone, in the car! Great tip from Illana, Hari Hari


How often have you gone to a meeting only to discover you have no change for parking or no petrol in the car! Or you have a great idea and nowhere to write it down or no pen!!!

Child Labour:

Every small business mum should be doing this right now! “I try to get the kids involved in my work, simple things like sticking labels on catalogues or helping me sort stock. It helps make them feel a part of it and one less job to do for me, yay!” Alexia, Made By Me Parties.  Charlie has been manning my Instagram feed and hopefully I can get him sewing soon *insert appropriate emoji here*

A little plea : 

I have been writing this blog now for 6 years. My main aim has always been to inform and inspire mums in business and people working from home.  Recently I received an email to say I had been shortlisted to the voting round for the MumsandWorking Awards Best Parent Blogger and I needed to write a post that provided information about why I should win. Ekkk! I seriously didn’t know what to write so I decided to use a couple of the little motivational posts I have knocking around in a file, they keep me going when I’m feeling a bit isolated or deflated.

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Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I didn’t make the final few but I did write this super handy blog post! #winning Enjoy!

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