New and Emerging Risks for Workplaces

There might come a stage whereby your business has grown too big for your home or you need to consider employ staffing. There are many Health and Safety things you need to consider, which currently won’t affect you. Workplace environments are one of them.  The EU-Occupational Safety and Health Agency, in late 2014 conducted a survey using data which was collected from workplaces in 36 European countries. The survey focused upon health and safety looking at new and emerging risks, including physical and psychosocial risks areas that are often omitted from surveys. Psychosocial risk factors may affect a workers’ psychological response to their work and workplace conditions. This includes things such as work relationships, long hours and stress.

This pie chart depicts the list of psychosocial and physical risks alongside the percentage of workplaces surveyed with these risks present. Manual Handling – lifting and moving – was the most common physical risk out of all those tested which is why it is important to have adequate training and a policy in place in order to reduce these risks.


It’s important to have a representative assigned to all health and safety matters. This enables one point of contact for all training, information and management. Over 70% of those business surveyed had this in place.

The HSE states that the results of this survey are going towards creating an approach towards decreasing both physical and psychosocial risks within the workplace.  If you want to work towards maintaining a safe and risk-free environment for your workers and need some advice or equipment consider speaking to an expert.

Things like this freak me out slightly and I am always a little grateful I only have myself and my own environment to consider.

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