Jump Start January 2012 …..

If you have a copy of my calender (still a few available) you have probably already been thinking about your 3 goals for 2012.

Goal setting is really important to your motivation as well as ensuring your business has direction.  So why not take a few minutes to read and take action on my extract from JoanneDewberry.co.uk 2012 Calender

Make January start with a bang!Motivating yourself in January can be difficult. So reflect on what you have achieved in the previous year and set yourself goals.  Ensure your targets are MARTS targets.

M – measurable

A – AGREEABLE nurturing the key relationships of all the people involved to make the target more  achievable.

R – RESOURCES – list all the things you need to achieve your target making it more realistic.

T – time bound.

S – specific

Write below three things you want to have achieved by 1st January 2013 and refer back to it throughout the year.

So what would your 3 goals be? If your feeling brave write them below … BUT beware I might as you how they are going at various points in the year!

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