Patience is a virtue …..

Susan Odev, author of Amazon best seller Mum Ultrapreneur and host of the weekly live Blog Talk radio show of the same name. 

Patience is a virtue.

In business as in life the key word is patience. Everything is possible but some things will take longer than others and this is what separates the women from the girls.

I am a mature business mum in her early – well mid – forties and the one lesson I have learnt, above all others, is the mastery of patience. Maybe it is an age thing. As we move away from the speed of growing up and the rush of youth where our energy makes up for our lack of experience and wisdom it is inevitable, I suppose, to develop a greater appreciation of time.

But to succeed in business one needs to set realistic goals that, at the same time as firing up your mojo, also give time for your ideas to breathe and grow.

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