The Discreet Charm of Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl

If you are looking to embrace a more natural feeling within your home in your next renovation project, one option providing lasting appeal would be Quick-Step luxury vinyl – a far cry from the wince-inducing vinyl flooring products of the 90s.

The Discreet Charm of Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl

It’s okay to want the look and feel of real hardwood flooring, however, it can be achieved without the hassle that the real thing delivers. Luxury vinyl flooring offers a perfect replication of wooden flooring with a guarantee of it lasting much longer and withstanding much more abuse than a real wood floor would.

Light or Dark:

The big fear in darker wooden vinyl flooring is that it makes the room duller. The good news is that you won’t suffer a dull room from dark wood vinyl. It adds a level of mood to your room whilst adding a sense of richness. 

If you aim to impress friends and visiting family then dark wood certainly sets the tone right. On the opposite side of tone, a light wood brightens up the room and provides a more classical feel of the outdoor lifestyle on the inside. The great aspect of vinyl over hardwood is that you won’t need to sand it down to keep it consistent over the years.

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With many designs available you get the opportunity to match with existing wood furniture if you have it within the home. That can range from tables to doors or seating to cabinets and bookshelves. 

Many people like the feel of matching the theme with existing furniture throughout the house. It gives a sense of your home being carved out of a giant tree more than built from the ground up. With click-together planks, vinyl provides you with the option of cut-to-size pieces avoiding those tricky corners, borders, and fixtures.

Season Flooring:

The unexpected enemies of regular flooring – humidity and drops in temperatures – will not affect Quick-Step luxury vinyl.

In the colder season, it is a perfect partner to underfloor heating in making those cold nights much cosier. Even the summer months hotter days will not loosen the tiles or come undone by weakening the adhesive, proving that all year around your floor keeps an appearance and look you paid your good money towards.

When it comes to unique style in the home and discreet charm, vinyl flooring offers a more versatile range for a vibrant and highly accurate look.

If you look to turn your home into a natural feeling habitat for your family, with all the additional benefits to ensure you’ll be in for satisfaction over the longest lifespan, luxury vinyl flooring is the product for you.

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