Four ways a home office printer can help your business

The Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank found that 589,008 new businesses were formed in the UK last year. Out of these, 412, 305 were started from home.

The start of a new business can be a precarious financial balancing act which is why most young businesses who don’t employ staff tend to operate from home until they have a bigger budget to expand, take on employees and rent an office space. Even businesses who don’t use offices to deliver their product or service need space to do administrative work, however minimal.healthy offices

Due to the lack of work-space at home, not everyone is able to house full-sized multifunction office printers. This meant that inkjet printers were the common choice for best home printer as they are small and more affordable upfront.

However, you can now choose from a wide range of compact laser and LED printers too, which can fit comfortably in any home environment and offer benefits that inkjet printer can’t match.

How exactly can a home office printer make your life working from home easier? Here are four of the top reasons.

High quality home office printing :

The first, most obvious benefit of having a home printer is that it means you can print all of the documents, images, and marketing materials you need from the comfort of your home office.
This will save you money on having to outsource printing jobs to professional printers and mean that you can produce physical documents, contracts, or marketing materials quickly.scanners to reduce paper

High quality colour laser printers like the Lexmark CS317dn mean that you can guarantee great colour reproduction at super quick speeds and an affordable price. This printer with its Pantone colour calibration and 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution makes it easy to achieve professional prints with outstanding quality from your home office.

Scan and copy business documents at home :

Every business needs to scan or create copies of documents, especially during the early stages when contracts are being signed and there are a lot of admin tasks, so bringing these functions into your home office with a multifunction printer means you’ll avoid having to visit costly external professionals again.

Having an all in one printer that contains a scanner, photocopier, or even fax function means that you’ll be even more self-sufficient from the beginning.

Before LED laser printing technology, small printers with multiple functions and excellent print quality were like gold dust. The only option if you wanted a multifunction printer that didn’t sacrifice quality was to go large with an office-standard printer, which isn’t really an option at all for anyone already short on space at home.

However, because of the minimal internal space taken up by the printing mechanism in LED printers, they’re able to fit in compact shells, even when they offer multiple functions. This means that multi-function printers are now easily attainable at reasonable sizes for home use.

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Flexible home working :

Wireless functionality is almost standard in home office printers now, with inbuilt networking functions allowing for the decentralisation of home offices and contributing to a more flexible work environment.

With a wireless printer, you won’t be confined to one room of the home to be able to print – you can work from any room in the house and still send prints to your printer, whether it’s in the living room, dining room, or anywhere else.

Choosing a wireless printer gives you the ultimate flexibility, and also contributes to space saving as you can tuck your printer away in a cupboard or spare room if you don’t want it taking up space in one of the main areas of your home.

Integrate your mobile phone : 

Having a home office printer with wireless and mobile printing capabilities means that not only are you free to print wirelessly from different rooms in your home, you can also print documents that come through to your mobile phone.

This offers you even more portability and flexibility and could mean that you don’t even necessarily need a computer to work from if your business doesn’t require it.
Especially as mobile phones become more integrated in the world of business, with readily available email, word processing, and other productivity apps, the ability to print directly from a mobile device is a time-saving and efficient perk.

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