Improving Your Mental Health in Your Home Office

Working from home can be lonely, fact.
Loneliness and isolation are not good for your mental health, fact.
But I appreciate it especially when you are really busy it’s not easy to get out of your office and see real live people. However, there are a few easy things you can implement in your home office to help improve your mental health.

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Improving Your Mental Health in Your Home Office : 

According to The Wildlife Trusts nature makes happier workers, green offices plus  boost productivity making this a no-brainer.   As a freelancer, I spend a lot of my day in my home office. Therefore I want a comfortable, peaceful, quiet environment to aid with concentration but I also want a professional look too. Plus your home office needs to be functional otherwise you won’t use it.

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  • Plants : This is probably the easiest way to transform a space making it more green.  Opt for plants that need little tending like “Mother-in-law’s tongue” or “Snake plant” (Sansevieria plant) these can last up to month without water, surviving in both low light or full exposure to sunlight for long periods. Sounds like the perfect plant for someone like me who forgets to water them! Plants absorb our dirty air which keeps your office productive, healthy and boosts your mood.
  • Colours:  Choose warm colours or natural tones, muted and calming such as green and blue.  Natural tones give rooms a sense of space and the illusion of space even in a small room. Make sure your decor is in keeping with your home but again is functional to it’s use.
  • Flooring: This is a great way to bring the outside in, select a laminate flooring in a wood style. Not only is laminate easy to care for, clean and maintain it looks as good as wooden flooring but is a much more wallet friendly option. Unlike wooden flooring, laminate doesn’t require specialist clearing and is easy to lay.
  • Lighting: We looked before at how the correct lighting can improve your mood in the winter.  It’s surprising the benefits of more natural light on your mood and energy. Ensure your home office is never dark or dimly lit, invest in light bulbs that mimic natural daylight and LED light bulbs that stop the artificial orange glow of traditional bulbs.
  • Take a Break : Taking regular breaks gives you the opportunity, even in the winter, to open the front door and stand in your garden. Taking in some deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth. Concentrate on the act of breathing forget everything else, clearing your mind, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing productivity on your return.

The Wildlife Trusts have produced this super infographic on “Nature and Mental Health” which can be downloaded from their website.

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