5 ways to reduce stress in your home office

I don’t feel like a stressed individual. But at times the amount of “stuff” I have to do can feel overwhelming. As much as you try you can’t ever fully separate being a mum and a small business owner especially when you work from home.  So if you thought this post was going to change your life I apologise now, however I do have a few tips!

Organisation :

You literally have to be an organised ninja! You need a plan for work and family otherwise you bumble around half heartily failing on both accounts.  This is where notebooks and to do pads come in handy. I like a hardback notebook where as Daddy Moo prefers his in divided sections. Plan in advance, tick things off on your lists and use your notebooks to stay on top. Don’t write a list or plan that then sits in a draw until next week as you’ll wind up wondering what happened to your week AGAIN!
Collins Debden stress busting in your home office
Purple Legacy Notebook £9.99, Red A5 Padfolio £10.25, To Do Planner £3.99 from Collins Debden. 12 delicate fine line markers £4.49 from Crayola.

Be Healthy :

I’ve talked about this before and although it sounds simple and wishy washy taking regular breaks, eating right and drinking plenty of water really do play a vital role in how you feel at work.  How many times do you pack up for the school run feeling headachy and drained purely because you haven’t looked after yourself.  Going on long walks too is a great way to clear the cob webs and reinvigorate your brain.

Colouring in :

OK so I sat watching you all in Instagram thinking pah! Numpties! I didn’t feel the need to raid the girls art boxes until I received a few goodies.  Adult Colouring Books are selling in their hundreds of thousands offering adults therapeutic down-time as a way to combat the stresses of daily life.   Active meditation focuses our attention on one simple task which requires repetitive motion and this is exactly what colouring in does. Did you know that concentrating in this manner replaces negative thoughts creating a state of peace without even trying. I spent a lovely hour lost in colouring, I’ve lost my heart to Crayola’s fine line markers!
reduce stress with crayola adult colouring
Crayola Adult Colouring Books £9.99 each

How often do you lay in bed or sit down to work and you literally cannot switch off? Hey we all need downtime.

If an actual colouring book isn’t practical in your office there is a plethora of doodle pads out there. I love my doodle mousemat from Collins Debden however like any stationery in our house I have to hide if from the children. It’s great for writing notes, colouring in and obviously as a mouse mat!

Bring the outside in :

Lots of natural or white light and greenery is suppose to stimulate creativity and productivity. Plants have also been scientifically proven to reduce stress and negativity in comparison to offices without them. If you aren’t that green fingered consider succulents and bamboo need little looking after, just remember to water them regularly.
home office

Do you really ‘have’ to do what you ‘have’ to do? :

Karen from Natural Healing, “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a never ending ‘To Do’ list. Ask yourself honestly ‘What would really be the worst that would happen if I didn’t do…’ then see how essential it really is.”  I do this quite regularly especially those things that seem to move from one list to the next realistically you aren’t going to do them? If not delete and move on, 9 times out of 10 the world doesn’t end!

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