Reasons To Choose Luxury Vinyl In Your Kitchen

If you are regularly cooking, washing, and preparing meals or breakfasts, your kitchen is the one room that takes its fair share of abuse day in and day out.

Your flooring in the kitchen requires the most cleaning regularly, yet it does not have to be the case with some of the options available on the market today.

We don’t mean cleaning chemicals – we are referring to flooring that tops the interior design list and can be installed easily, be cost-effective and stress-free. We mean luxury vinyl flooring.

Reasons To Choose Luxury Vinyl In Your Kitchen

Cleaning Up Rumors:

Let’s clear up the stigma that surrounds this product. Vinyl flooring is no longer a cheap and tacky product from yesteryear. Today, it is manufactured to be resistant to pretty much anything whilst looking pretty stunning and realistic.

The reason people now choose to have it installed for their kitchen is that the cooking and preparing of food always has the risk of spillage or the dropping of food on the floor.

Older flooring tends to showcase deep, unmoveable stains after clean-up attempts have been rigorously undertaken, however, Distinctive flooring has an easy-to-clean design with the hardware layer full of the strongest stain resistance. You can clean it with a sponge and soapy water, and it won’t soak through to the subfloor, it’s that tightly fitted.

Longer Life:

Everyone has those occurrences where a scratch or violent scuff has needed to be hidden, but if you place felt pads on the feet of tables and appliances then the anti-scratch technology that vinyl has installed means your floor can last decades.

Vinyl comes equipped with anti-slip safeguards as well as being 100% waterproof, meaning spills or water from the sink or kitchen appliances will not seep through underneath and cause water damage.

Reasons To Choose Luxury Vinyl

Protection Underneath:

The one thing you don’t have to substitute is the style when it comes to vinyl. Over decades, luxury vinyl flooring has collected hundreds of unique looks on top of its impressive selections of protective implementations.

If hardwood flooring is your thing, then you can have it anywhere from light wood to dark. If you like the feel of stepping on a stone or marble floor you can have it without the cold discomfort. 

If you prefer abstract or unique mixing of designs then it is also among your options, at a fraction of the costs of the real thing. Easy on the bank balance, easy to install and easy to clean. Luxury vinyl flooring is an easy choice to make.

If you look for more time away from cleaning your kitchen floor, Distinctive, such as dark grey vinyl flooring, is certainly a high brand consideration to look at.

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