Top Tips for Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

When you give birth, 15/16 years seems like a lifetime away but suddenly I have 2 children in the throws of GCSE’s mocks and exam components which will form part of their overall grade and WOW that came by quickly! The exam period is a very crucial moment in a child’s educational journey. Whether it’s GCSE exams, A-Levels or another set of exams, your child will have a series of obstacles to overcome. Parents should be keen to get involved in their child’s studies, especially when it means they have a better chance of performing their best in upcoming exams.

In this guide from a private school in Somerset, we take a look at some top tips you can use to help your child with their exams.

Top Tips for Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

Give Them A Quiet Place To Study:

A good way of helping a child is in the studying environment they have. If they have a quiet spot to study and are able to head there to concentrate on their work they’re going to find it much easier to manage their revision. Exams are a very stressful time for many kids which means they can also use this space to help them calm down, find a space to work in silence and try to manage their revision process with minimal distractions.

Provide Them With The Resources They Need:

This will go beyond the writing materials and stationery of course. You can provide your child with printed-out past papers to test their skills and revision aids that will help them with their studies. If there are upcoming exams then print out the particular revision aids in the order of when they’re coming up so that your child knows what to put their focus into.

Be On Hand To Help With Anything They Are Stuck With:

Parents can really help a child with their studies. You can hold out flashcards for a child to revise with, or you can act as a questioner to run through quick exam questions to test your child’s knowledge. Look online for any additional resources your child could use to help them along the way, especially when they’re keen to explore a range of different ways to revise.

If Your Child Needs Even More Support, Look To A Tutor:

Some children just need that extra level of help, especially when they’re after very particular grades and they want to do as best they can in their studies. A tutor is a great way to combat this. They’re trained to work with different learning styles and abilities to give your child the focus they need to do as well as they can in their upcoming exams.

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