Have You Become A Best Man? Here Is What You Need To Cover

First of all, congrats on becoming best man! 

Becoming a best man is a massive honour and you’re one of the most important people in the wedding party. you may not know the extent of your responsibilities just yet, but don’t worry. We’re here to talk you through everything you need to know in your role. 

Have You Become A Best Man? Here Is What You Need To Cover

The Stag Do:

The most important place to start is, of course, the stag do. The stag do is your chance to give the groom the ultimate send-off into married life. It’s best to start planning the stag do early so you can give all attendees plenty of notice and you have time to think of as many stag do activities you know he will love. 

Begin by asking the groom for a list of who he wants to attend and any ideas he might have of what he wants to do. Then you can come up with a general idea of the stag do (abroad, in the UK, how many days etc.) and consider everyone’s budgets. The most important thing is to organise the stag do to the groom’s taste and plan some epic activities he won’t ever forget.

Writing a Speech:

The next most important item on the list is the speech. The best man speech is one that everyone looks forward to on the day, so the pressure is on! This is one that involves a lot of preparation and isn’t something you can just make up on the spot. 

A good best man speech includes funny stories, your happy feelings towards the newlyweds, and your congratulations, and ends with a toast. To begin your toast, it’s always good to address the audience and thank them for attending the wedding before getting right into it. 

Duties on The Day

Apart from the two main duties above, it’s also good to prepare for your other duties on the day. It’s a tradition that the best man holds the rings during the ceremony, so you need to know when to hand them over at the perfect time and make sure to keep them safe until then. The registrar will usually ask for the rings, but it’s good to have an idea of when that will be. 

The wedding requires a lot of manpower on the day, so it might be helpful to set some time aside on the day to help carry chairs, tables, and other props around the venue. Your duties include anything to make the bride and groom less stressed!

Help the Groom Get Ready:

This is an easy and fun task. You simply have to help the groom get ready on the morning of the wedding and ensure his suit and tie are done to perfection. It’s also important to make sure everyone has the right buttonholes!

Another way you can help the groom and the bridal party get ready is to prepare a playlist for the morning to get everyone in the mood to party. A wedding playlist is sure to help create the most memorable morning!

Gifts For the Groom:

It’s not required, but organising a gift to the groom from the groomsmen is a nice touch for the morning! The tradition is usually the groom who gives his groomsmen a gift as a thank you for all their help, but it can be a lovely touch to club together for a congratulatory gift for the groom to remind him how happy you all are and a little memento for the occasion. 

It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something small and sentimental for the day.

Provide Moral Support:

Getting married is a big deal, and the groom will need some support more than he might know! It’s a nerve-racking yet exciting experience that only his best friend can help him get through. You may need to assist with various duties in the run-up to the wedding and on the day itself to save the groom from any added stress, so ensuring you’re there and supportive can be a massive help. 

Keeping the groom positive and excited is one of the most important jobs as a best man, so be sure to check in with him at many points during the run-up and on the day!


Whether you’re a brother, cousin, friend, or father, being the best man is a massive responsibility and a huge honour. Make sure you prepare for your duties early and keep your groom from feeling stressed in the run-up to the wedding. Although exciting things like the stag do and the best man speech are important, so is showing your support and helping throughout the day. You’ve got this!

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