What does your POS say about your brand?

This is where the magic happens. You’ve managed to entice customers into your store, present them with products they want and, perhaps, promotions they can’t resist. And, now, their in-store experience is coming to a head; they’ve joined a queue, readied their wallet and are about to part with their cash. But wait, the till drawer’s stuck, the system’s running slow, the price appearing on the cashier’s screen doesn’t match the one on the shelf. To top it all off, the till-side marketing displays are woefully out of date. The love affair is over.

OK, so perhaps all is not lost. A patient customer may wait for technical issues to be resolved, overlook your shoddy signage and hand over their money anyway. But what impact has your point-of-sale (POS) had on their experience in-store? The truth is that POS is essential to the smooth operation of many businesses today and it has a significant impact on how visitors regard your brand. Experts at POS installation and maintenance specialist CJ Retails Solutions claim that this pivotal point in the customer journey has a notable effect on reputation and performance.

So, what does your POS say about your brand?

EPOS systems :

EPOS, or electronic point of sale, systems have transformed the retail landscape. Far from being a mere tool for performing transactions, nowadays this equipment allows businesses to store and adjust a wide range of data, and can be used to analyse business performance. These systems can be connected to warehouses, stockrooms and company websites, and be used to monitor the success of products and promotions and manage inventory. They can also track customers’ spending habits and help businesses to tailor and personalise their marketing activities.

Today, there is a variety of sophisticated options on the market. From mobile card readers to self-checkouts, to cloud-based EPOS software that can run on iPads and implement loyalty schemes, retailers, restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments can benefit from a range of advanced solutions that help businesses run more smoothly. Patrons of outlets that utilise these technologies can expect transactions to take place with ease, convenience and speed. If systems are well maintained, that is.

Ensuring that the physical components of your electronic systems are undamaged and clean is critical. So, too, is making sure that any software you use always functions well. This involves ensuring that the programmes you use are up-to-date and free of viruses. If your systems are not well maintained, your customers are likely to face delays and problems processing payments. If you are ill-equipped to handle the basics of trade, there is a greater risk that customers will leave your establishment with a less than positive impression of your brand. This kind of negligence can result in a loss of repeat custom and, at worst, customers leaving the store empty-handed.

Displays :

In business, it is often said that appearances are everything. And while the functionality of POS displays is important, how they look and how well they are maintained is paramount. These items of retail furniture play a powerful role in letting customers know about new products and special offers. Displays should not only clearly present information, they should be conspicuous and attractive, and should uphold the message, ethos and reputation of the brand.

Also make your POS work for your business with duel purpose. For example café barriers provide not only a great marketing opportunity but act as a low cost solution to enclosing a pavement and/or creating an outdoor eating area branded to your small business café, bar, restaurant. These barriers provide the added benefit of promoting your business through branded banners.

While furniture that is well maintained sends a positive message about your company, half-empty, well worn or grubby stands tell your customers that you are disorganised, under-resourced or worse still, that you don’t care. This can all have a dreadful impact on how your brand is perceived. Meanwhile, if stock is missing, unclearly labelled or demonstration products are unavailable or damaged, your brand could also be missing out on sales on a daily basis.

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