A Day in the Life of…Sam Miller

When I was tiny I decided I wanted to be an artist and this has never changed. However how I have used my art over the years has changed and developed. I trained and worked as a theatre designer, then travelled and after that became an art therapist.

After having my daughter I realised how precious time is and that I really wanted to do more of my own artwork.

When Jaime started school last Summer this was my big chance. Me and my husband agreed to give me a year to see if I could make a business with my art, so that was the start of Sam Miller UK.

Since then I have not looked back, each day brings something new and I am loving every minute of it. I did not realise at the beginning how quickly the days would fly by and although each one is different, the gap between drop-off at 9 and picking up again at 2.45 seems to get shorter and shorter!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the pick-up and clicking back into being a Mum again. Once she is home we have fun playing, dancing, drawing and lots of lovely cuddles and chatterboxing! I am also totally enjoying committing to being an artist again, and also the bit that still makes me smile…becoming a real business woman!

During the week the day starts by getting up and ready very quickly, then the big decision if it’s a scooter, bike or a walking day, and then we set off for school.

I then race home, run around doing a bit of housework and then start work. The tasks I have are really varied. I could be printing a set of bags, painting porcelain, creating new designs, or completing orders. Running to the post office for the satisfying feeling of sending parcels off to people. I also love meeting people to promote my business and love to deliver new stock to shops.

I also regularly update my online shop and also sell at different craft events, which I’ve found is a great way to meet new people and get your work out there. I have also become a total believer in Facebook and blogging which has increased my profile a lot.

I also help organise a monthly craft event at Colinton Market-Place and have started Edinburgh Pop-Up Markets with a new business partner Lindsay Blakemore. This is a great partnership and we are planning a number of events in unexpected places.

I thought I might be a bit lonely working at home by myself but the complete opposite has happened and I feel excited about where each of these projects will take me, and I am loving simply being creative. For me the most satisfying feeling is seeing someone look at my work and a big smile cross their face.

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