Top Tips to Making Sales Online

Building a website is the relatively easy part! Getting customers to your site and then getting them to part with cash is the hardest. I love this article on Shopify’s E Commerce University “50 Ways to Make Your First Sale” it is separated into sections, easy bite sized chunks to work your way through.  From looking at the various social media platforms and how to use them effectively to going offline with traditional ways of advertising and face to face networking.

Here is one of my favourites and one I have been chatting with clients a lot this week.

seo and online sales

Chapter 11 – SEO Search Engine Optimisation.

This chapter gives some incredibly useful information regarding backlinks.  I suggest to my clients who are looking to increase their backlinks to make and develop relationships with other people in a similar industry.

  • Write guest blogs (and ask them to do the same for you)
  • Comment on blogs relevant to your business genre or small business in general.
  • Crowd sourcing – I do this on Facebook a lot ask a question and collate the answers into a blog post linking back to others (example :- “7 reasons you should shop local“) – keep an eye on industry experts.

Shopify suggests :- GET ONLINE PRESS COVERAGE –  News websites and online journals tend to have some of the most valuable backlinks in the eyes of the search engines. You’ll need to hunt down relevant websites and ask how you can submit a press release.   

With my Press Release template and utilising your database, blog and twitter to get it in front of the right people there is no reason you can’t be seeing your name in lights!  Also think about having a Press Portfolio – I have mine visually on Facebook.  If you are a parent running a small business check out Family Friendly Working and Business Amongst Mums who both have a feature section. A great way to get PR and backlinks.

My favourite point (which can be utilised in any section of marketing your business) – KEEP DOING THESE STEPS CONTINUALLY – This activity is not a “set it and forget” task, rather It’s part of your marketing machine that needs to keep humming 365 days a year.

Do you have any other top tips for making sales online?

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