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Did you get a chance to promote your business in 6 ways before half term snuck up on us? (I tried so hard to get this post out in the Half Term week but time was so against me! Then with the site being down to hacking – but that’s another story!) Well many of you did and it was so nice to get great feedback on the blog post that I thought I would share 6 people’s promotions and how well they did!

  1. Write a press release: We sent out a Press Release about all the Spooky Half Term activities we have going on at Lulubelle’s Tearooms. Main reason is to get all the critical information about our event out to several local outlets at once. We’re very aware that a because Facebook posts can disappear so quickly down your newsfeed that we can’t rely on just this method. Instead we try and get events listed and discussed on sites where it may stay visible for a bit longer. Usual places include local publications, Echo, Advertiser, Compass, DV8, DoMore, House etc. We also sent details to a lot of mums & kids related websites – Mumsnet, Netmums, Days out with Kids etc. We got great coverage this time as all the above publications know their readers are looking for things to do over half term so it was a fairly easy win. – Louisa – Lulubelle’s Tearooms. 
  2. Hashtags: Using Twitter has really helped me with promoting my business, Sarah Lovell Art, and by using the # it has enabled me to connect and interact with lots more like minded people, and hence making me feel like I am really part of the wider art and craft community out there. Most recently I have been taking part in #DorsetHour on a Monday evening, which has been brilliant, and ended up in ‘meeting’ loads more local art and craft folk, commissions and being featured in a couple of magazines, which I am so excited about.It’s a really useful tool and I feel like my little business has really grown lately thanks to the #! – Sarah Lovell Art
  3. Use it don’t lose it! : We keep an Facebook PR/Media album to show that we always go the extra mile to promote what we do. Some exhibitors might think we take the money, give them a stand in the room then keep our fingers crossed for the best but we’re always sending out press releases, speaking to anyone we can to make sure every event is as successful as it can be. Lucinda Photography – Newborn/Baby was rather pleased when we got Baby Hampshire to use her photo – Chelle Little Pickles Markets Dorset
  4. Social Media is your friend: There was a local community group that encouraged mothers to get back into the workplace after having children, build confidence, computers skills etc. I e-mailed them and told them that their website was rubbish and I could do a better job! I got the job! Jo – Solstice Days
  5. Run a competition: I run competitions for two reasons – the purely selfish side of me runs them to increase traffic, up my daily hits and get my blog ‘out there’. The better side of me runs them because I want to give something back to the lovely people who take the time out of their day to read, share and comment on my posts.  For me, running competitions has acheived the above goals, and has also bettered relationships with PR’s and companies – a sucessful competition makes for a happy PR, who is more likely to want to work with me again in the future. And great prizes keep people coming back to my blog again and again.  – Kate Fever My Family Fever
  6. Write a guest post: I was initially always resistant to guest blogging. I imagined that it would drive traffic away from my site, and just help provide good content for other blogs where I was guest posting. However, my experience has been quite the opposite. Once I had taken the somewhat reluctant leap into my first guest post I soon found I was getting visitors via the post and my audience was widening. A few guest posts later and I was asked by a leading international airline to write a feature post for their website. I’m a true convert to guest posts. There’s a real knack in writing a good one. You should leave your readers wanting more and seeking out your blog. Which is where you’re heading right now, isn’t it? 😉 – Nicola Global Mouse Travels 

Did any of my tips work out great for you??

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  1. November 11, 2013 / 1:52 pm

    thanks again for the great tips, and for including my # experience. The other tips were great too, and have given me some new ideas.