Using social media to drive traffic to your blog

Writing a blog post is just the start of the journey and most of the time the easiest!  I’ve looked before at ways to drive traffic to your blog which included gravatar and comment luv, but the hard work comes from getting people to read and share that content.  Social media is a great way to get in front of your target audience so here are a few tips.

using social media to drive traffic

  1. Twitter – with any social media its a good idea to think long term.  Tweeting once as soon as the post is live is not going to generate that much traffic. I use (this shortens the URL giving you more characters to play with) and twuffer to schedule in tweets for various blog content.  Also think about retweeting topical and seasonal posts each year. Now would be a good time to reshare Easter content – making chocolate eggs, Easter cards or bonnets, local days out, activities to do with children in the holidays, how to run a small business in the holidays etc …
  2. Networking – find groups on Facebook or communities on Google+ where you can share content, chat with other bloggers and develop relationships that will build your blog following.  Join in with # chats on twitter popular ones for bloggers are Parent Bloggers Network #pbloggers twitter chat every Sun 9-10pm, Becky Bedbug has an extensive list of blogger twitter chats, days and times.
  3. Pinterest – having a labelled and watermarked large image will maximise the share potential of a blog post. Pinterest is all about the visual.  Check out this great Q&A with Graces Favours which will help you understand how to get the most from Pinterest.
  4. Facebook – as well as obviously posting your blog posts to your Business Page and personal profile, join groups. There are lots of blogging groups whereby you can share content, engage in discussion, find relevant linkys (for a comprehensive list of linkys try Single Mother Ahoy!) and also get your posts mentioned in round-ups or crowdsourcing.
  5. Blogs – read other blogs, comment on them, share & tag them on Facebook and Google+.


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