How To Start A Print On Demand Business In The UK With Printful

With more and more of us working from home, side hustles have become big business, from t-shirts to mugs to books there are so many ways you can sell and create custom products with print on demand. But what if I told you there was a platform that enabled you to create all manner of products, streamline and integrate with your current eCommerce platform as well as take the stress out of the printing and the shipping process is completely out of your hands? Sounds like a dream platform but it’s really not Printful does all of this but more!

How To Start A Print On Demand Business In The UK With Printful

How To Start A Print On Demand Business In The UK With Printful:


  1. Create A Printful Account: Which is FREE! You can also use your Facebook, Google, Apple or email to open an account if like me you are rubbish at remembering passwords!
  2. Connect Your eCommerce Platform: 20+ platforms including Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix and Shopify. I love how easy this process was and when I researched people using Printful their Etsy accounts looked just how you expected, crazy to think Printful is fulfilling orders.
  3. Pick Your Products: There are so many options to choose from t-shirts, towels, mugs but also how your designs are produced from sublimation printing to embroidery. There really is something to suit all your customers.
  4. Create Or Upload A Design:  Printful has a design maker with built-in tools to easily create your visuals using fonts and with over 150 customisable clipart collections and pre-made graphics. If you are handy you can also upload your own graphic designs or logos.
  5. Create Product Templates: Creating templates is really easy, you can have multiple options/variants, sizes, colours and then add them to your shop.  You can use mockup images and descriptions provided which simplifies the process even further.
  6. Market And Sell!:  Never underestimate occasional spending and seasonal gifts. There are so many seasonal, holiday dates dotted throughout the year it’s never too early to get making and advertising.

Why Choose Print On Demand With Printful:

No Need For Inventory: How often do you want to try something out but don’t have the financial resources to invest in tons of stock to meet minimum thresholds or you do and the gamble doesn’t pay off and you are left with loads of unsold stock? With print on demand options, there is no need to worry about products going to waste, products are only created once an order has been placed. Printful enables you to fill your shop with numerous products and leave the fulfilment process, printing, packing and shipping of your orders to them meaning you are free to concentrate on growing your audience, maximising sales and creating new designs.

No Order Minimums: You only pay when a customer purchases one of your products. The customer pays you via your shop platform payment process (mine is PayPal), Printful’s fulfilment centres across the UK and Europe making the printing and delivery process simple, then you pay Printful.  Like with any small business it’s important to ensure that your pricing takes into account all the fees and possible taxes you will incur.

Ready-Made Integrations: The integration process is so simple with multiple platforms to connect enjoy numerous integrations with the world’s top eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.  I used WooCommerce which required me to download a plugin then the rest just happened like magic!  I LOVE that Printful provides lifestyle mock-up images too so the customer can see the product in use rather than on a white background. These images also help to bring your product to life and make your ideas look incredibly professional! Each product also has a description that you can edit to suit your needs, again this makes the creation of products process really easy.

How To Start A Print On Demand Integrations with Woocommerce and Printful

Streamlined With Your Brand: As your shop is integrated with your website it’s streamlined and matches your brand perfectly. You are also able to display your brand within your orders by adding custom labels, pack-ins, and packing slips to each of your orders.

Points Equal Prizes: There are multiple challenges and tasks you can complete to earn points which you can then exchange for Printful Perks, such as money off vouchers.

How Easy Is It To Start A Print On Demand Business With Printful?:

The setup process is really easy and the instructions are clear it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to integrate my WooCommerce and Printful and load 3 products, however, there are lots of sections that you need to go through, shipping, packing slips etc.  Sometimes it can be a daunting and overwhelming task but Printful has so many excellent resources to work through (and you can earn points doing them) that it doesn’t feel complicated. You can also join as an affiliate and promote Printful as a side hustle, small business start-up and earn a commission.

I’m already designing some big old coffee mugs! What would you design as your side hustle? Or maybe a line of products to match your current line, the shop integration process means your customer would be unable to tell the difference. You could also produce a line of merchandise containing your logo, I mean are you even a blogger without a line of merch? Sign up for FREE and have a play with Printful today, you won’t be sorry!

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